6 Steps to Eliminate Coffee Addiction


Can’t stop drinking coffee? If you know you’re already addicted (drinking seven or more 8 oz. cups a day), you need to reconsider your coffee intake. I suggest you eliminate your addiction by doing the following:

  1. Stop going to coffee shops. I know this will difficult for you, but it’s for your own good, so stay away from Starbucks for a while! If you usually study or hang out in coffee shops with friends, look for another ambient place. And refrain from asking people if they want to get coffee with you. If you can’t do this because it’s going to be too sad and terrible for you, then look for cafés that serve herb tea. Herb teas usually have zero caffeine and that’s what you’ll need. If you can’t stay away from coffee shops just yet, that’s the best option for you.

  2. Substitute your coffee with a power nap. This depends on whether you are in a place where napping is allowed. Please don’t nap and use this article as your excuse if you know your boss isn’t going to like it. Anyway, if you’re allowed to, then do so. The best time to take a 20-minute power nap is at 2:30 in the afternoon. Research says a power nap is more beneficial than one cup of coffee.

  3. Be a tea drinker instead. If power nap isn’t going to work because you’re not allowed to sleep at work or you’re the type of person who can’t take naps easily, then replace your coffee with green tea. Do this substitution slowly. Begin by replacing one cup of coffee with a green tea. The next day, replace your two cups of coffee with two cups of tea. Do this slowly but surely. If you can substitute half of your daily doses of coffee with tea, that’s better. But there’s no pressure here. The goal is to limit your daily caffeine consumption before anything bad happens. Green tea still has caffeine, but it sure contains less amounts than coffee.

  1. Replace your café latte with other milky beverage. If you’re fond of adding milk (sometimes too much milk) in your coffee, I suggest you just drink hot vanilla almond milk instead. You can also consider chai latte or hot chocolate. But I must warn you: hot chocolate has a high sugar content, so take it easy. You might not have hyperacidity because of too much coffee but you will have diabetes because of too much sugar.

  1. Control your consumption of carbohydrates. One reason why you can’t focus or you feel sleepy in the afternoon is that your lunch was made up of food with lots of carbohydrates. A heavy lunch will make you feel sleepy and then your brain will call for coffee. And that’s not good if you’re already addicted. So limit your intake of carbs at lunch breaks and opt for food that’s protein-packed. Add some nuts in your lunch box or eat a can of tuna instead.

  1. If none of these steps work, this is probably the one step that will stop your obsession with coffee: Print out the negative side effects of too much caffeine in the body and post it somewhere you can always see them. If possible, include pictures and descriptions such as what will happen to your heart, liver, and kidney when you’re addicted to coffee. If you’re a workaholic, place them on your desk and if anybody else sees them, don’t be shy. It’s for your sake anyway.