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Angelino's coffee subscription

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Review Summary

If you have a pod coffee maker, the Angelino’s pod coffee subscription will be really beneficial for your coffee lifestyle. It sends you a box filled with pods that have coffee blends you get to choose. There are many different flavors available to choose from, so you can have variety in your life. Angelino’s is a three-generation family-run coffee business that is dedicated to giving you quality coffee. It roasts the beans right before sending them to customers to make sure they get the best quality, flavor, and freshness. Take a closer look at this coffee subscription to decide if it’s right for you.

Angelino’s Coffee Subscription Quick Look:

  • Fresh and flavorful coffee
  • Coffee is high quality
  • Choose from a great selection
  • Fair price point
  • Can change every aspect of your deliveries
  • Good options for quantity of coffee
  • Website is easy to use
  • Only for people who use pods
  • Smallest quantity is 48

Angelino's Pod Coffee on coffee maker

Blends: Quality, Flavor, and Selection

Angelino’s has put an emphasis on quality as a company for generations, and delivers on its  promise. It freshly roasts the beans in small batches before putting the grounds into pods and sending it straight to you just days later. The pods have excellent quality coffee in them, whether it is a classic blend or a flavored coffee.

All the coffees in Angelino’s pods are different from each other, giving a much more versatile subscription than others. They include classic blends like Breakfast blend, French roast, and Italian roast. There are also coffee flavors you may not be so familiar with, like Kona blend and Colombian Narino. The subscription also sends delicious flavored coffees like Jamaican Me Crazy, Hazelnut Creme, and Mocha Java blend.

The selection is fantastic. Angelino’s has 22 different flavors to choose from, including its regular coffees, flavored coffees, decaf options, tea, and cappuccino pods. That’s a lot to choose from! The best part is that, unlike with most coffee subscriptions, you get to choose the blends you receive. Angelino’s has several “box sets” with 24 selected blends in them. There’s a Variety Pack (dark, medium, and flavored), Flavored Coffee Variety Pack, Medium Roast Variety Pack, and Dark Roast Variety Pack. Since each pack is 24 pods and the minimum amount of pods to receive is 48, you always get more than one box to choose. For example, let’s say you choose the Variety Pack and the Dark Roast Variety Pack for your two choices. You’ll get a predetermined amount of each blend that comes in that pack. The important part is that you’re choosing which types of coffees you want to enjoy, which can be hard to find in a coffee subscription.

What We Tried

Boy, were we impressed after we tried the coffee! We received the sample pack, which had a great combination of classic coffee blends and the flavored ones. We tried several, but we will only share a few notes with you. When we tried Jamaican Me Crazy we were surprised by the aroma of maple, caramel, and nuts. The caramel and nut flavors in the coffee smoothed out any bitterness and there was no aftertaste. We tried the classic French Roast as well to see if the regular blends hold up to the standard. The French Roast was roasty and smoky with a taste that was rich, dark, and smooth, and held up well to milk and sugar as a standard French Roast should. We definitely approve of these blends.

Variety of Angelino's Pod Coffee

For the Customers: Resources, Ease of Use, and Price

Angelino’s website is its best resource. It has a lot of information about the company and the subscription. If you’re wondering about the coffees, though, there isn’t a lot of information about that. All we could find was the coffee flavors page and a brief explanation of Angelino’s roasting process. If you want to talk to someone from the company, there is an 800 number available, so you can call customer service as another resource.

Angelino’s coffee subscription made it easy for customers with a well-thought-out website that makes it simple to learn about the company and the coffee, and to subscribe. After you sign up for your subscription, there is a “Member Dashboard” where you change anything you want about your subscription and can see your last order. It doesn’t judge if you skip, pause, or cancel your subscription either. Angelino’s also lets you choose which coffees you receive, how much you get, and how often you get it. What is better than creating your subscription box and deciding how often you want it sent?

The price for this subscription is great for the amount of coffee you’re receiving. You can choose between 48, 96, and 192 pods. That is a lot of coffee, but of course, some of us need it. The price matched with each quantity option seems fair and reasonable. Any customer getting even the smallest package would be happy receiving more than one month’s worth of coffee for less than what a full tank of gas costs. Of course, the more you get at one time, the more you save, just like buying bulk at the grocery store.


Q: Are these pods compatible with Keurig 2.0?

A: Yes, all the pod cups are compatible with the 2.0 Keurig, as well as brands like Mr. Coffee, Breville, Gourmia, and Cuisinart.

Q: How often can I choose to receive deliveries?

A: You can choose between getting deliveries every month, two months, or three months for any of the quantity options.

Q: What is the sample pack?

A: The sample pack is 14 samples of Angelino’s coffee pods. It’s sent for you to try and see if you like the quality and flavor of the coffee before subscribing. The price point for the sample pack is fairly low.

What Other Subscribers Say

Positive Feedback:

The ability to choose coffee blends was the most widely appreciated thing about this subscription. Customers love being able to choose which flavors they want over and over again and which ones they want to avoid. They can also order new flavors every month to expand their coffee palate if they wish.

Customers also really like the selection they get to choose from. There is a very wide range of flavors for all sorts of coffee drinkers. There are also decaf options for people who like to cut their caffeine intake, but still, enjoy coffee. The customers are also impressed by the high quality of the coffee.

Multiple customers have commented positively on the sample pack. They love that they get to try 14 different flavors of coffee for only $6. It’s a good introduction to the company, and it lets you try a lot of different coffees. It’s a win-win situation since they usually end up subscribing.

Another compliment Angelino’s received was on the ease of use for customers. Several customers mentioned that the website was well-thought-out and easy to navigate. There were also many mentions of great customer service because they give a fast response and are genuinely helpful.

Negative Feedback:

Some customers were not pleased that they had to order a minimum of 48 pods for their subscription. There are numerous comments that there should be a 24- or 36-pack for those who don’t drink as much coffee.

Another slight issue with this subscription is that when people tried the sample pack, they were charged the next day for a whole subscription that they weren’t ready for. Some customers were also frustrated with customer service because they wouldn’t cancel or refund the order. Make sure you read the fine print when ordering the sample pack, and try to cancel right after if you aren’t interested in the subscription.


If you have a single-serve coffee brewer at home, this subscription is suited just for you. Angelino’s allows you to choose the flavors of coffee you want every single month, so you can enjoy your favorites over and over and try a few new flavors. The nice thing is that the variety level is completely up to you. There are also bulk order options, so you can get more coffee for less and it will last longer. If you haven’t tried the excellent quality of Angelino’s coffee pods, you won’t be disappointed when you do.

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