Angel’s Cup Coffee Subscription Review: Pros & Cons

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Angel's cup coffee subscription


Editor Rating: 4.6/5

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Review Summary

Angel’s Cup has a new kind of coffee subscription experience that not only challenges you, but also teaches you about coffee as you participate each month. It has three separate subscriptions to choose from, but here we review the Black Box subscription. When you subscribe, you will be sent a black box with four coffees to try every month. What could be better than that? Well, Angel’s Cup has found a way to make coffee tasting more interesting by turning it into a guessing game and a learning journey. Along with the coffee, there are four small coffee cards describing the blends and giving you information about them. However, the coffee bags aren’t labeled, so it’s up to you to guess which blend is in which bag. Coffee tasting has never been so challenging or fun!

Angel’s Cup Black Box Subscription Quick Look:

  • 100% Arabica coffee
  • Sends four different samples each time
  • Tasting game is exciting
  • App is resourceful
  • Website is easy to use
  • Select how often it ships, grind size, and roast
  • Expensive

Angel's coffee blind tasting

Black Box Blends: Selection, Flavor, and Quality

The coffee blends Angel’s Cup sends are diverse and delicious. Angel’s Cup even lets you choose how you want your beans sent: whole, coarse, or fine. The four blends change every month, because the company has resources for blends with different origins that are roasted in different trusted roasteries around the world. This means a wide selection of roasts, and customers can see that when they are delivered. Since you get to try four coffees every month, you get a good selection no matter what.

The Black Box we received had four vastly different flavors that were fairly easy to identify after trying each a few times. Three out of the four were from one or two origins. However, one sample showed the complexity of some blends Angel’s Cup chooses for customers. It was a blend of three coffees that all had different levels of roasting. This gave that coffee blend a complex and roasty quality, along with many flavors like fruit, chocolate, and honey.

The quality of coffee you get in your Black Box is fantastic. Angel’s Cup prides itself on the partnerships with the roasters it gets coffee from. It specifically chooses roasters that have the best quality and roasting processes. The company even has a spot on their website dedicated to the roasters that serve it; that’s how important it is to share its dedication to quality with its customers. If that doesn’t tell you enough about the good quality, Angel’s Cup only uses 100% Arabica beans.

The Tasting Game

Tasting four different coffees and guessing which cards they match is a fun coffee experience. It will challenge you to brush up on your tasting skills and expose you to a large variety of coffees. How hard is the tasting game? The description of the blends above gives you a taste of the variety you’re in for. It isn’t too challenging to match the flavors if you have done multiple coffee tastings before and can identify flavors, acidity, and body very well. If you’re stuck, you can always use the app to help guide you through a tasting or two. Some of the blends have similar flavor hints, but the company does a great job of sending four diversely flavored coffees to make it more interesting.

The coffee information cards include all the information available about the roasts. A full card has the date the beans were roasted, the place they were roasted, the origin of the beans, the washing process, the elevation at which the beans were grown, the variety of the beans, the flavors in the coffee, and the company’s own notes about the blend. Not all those pieces of information are on every card, but the most important notes you need to guess the blend are the origin, the flavors, and the notes from Angel’s Cup, which are on every card. Angel’s Cup does a great job of giving you useful and unique information to help you figure out which blend is which.

angels cup coffee content

For the Customers: Resources, Ease of Use, and Price

Resources available to subscribers include the website and the Angel’s Cup Coffee app that you can launch on your phone, a computer, or a tablet. The app gives you areas to make notes about the tastings. Users can also compare their own tasting notes with the coffee community, and even with the roasters, the beans came from.

Angel’s Cup makes it easy for those who have never done coffee tastings before by providing a beginner level with a flavor wheel to give you describing words. There’s also a selection for quick tasting meant for busy people, and a selection for advanced tasting for those that want a challenge and more detail. The app also includes brew guides and suggestions for food pairings with each blend.

Angel’s Cup Black Box subscription is easy to find on the website and to subscribe to. You can also easily change almost anything about your subscription. You have the power over how often the beans are sent, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, in order to let your coffee habit to keep up with the deliveries. You can choose whether you want whole bean, coarse, or fine grind. You can pick from light roast, medium roast, and dark roast. Even canceling is easy. Angel’s Cup guarantees there’s no risk in trying it. If you’re not into it for any reason, it refunds 100% of your money.

The price of this subscription is a little steep. The Black Box coffee subscription samples are 2.75 ounces each. In reality, you are getting 11 ounces of coffee for a higher price than you would pay in stores. However, the price is higher and WORTH IT due to the many high-quality coffees you get to try along with the pleasure of participating in the tasting game, and all the resources provided through the app.


Q: Why is Angel’s Cup different from other subscriptions?

A: It always uses 100% Arabica beans that have complex flavors, and has a wide selection of fantastic roasters it partners with. The main reason it is different is because of the tasting aspect that lets subscribers try a wide variety at a time and learn about coffee in the process.

Q: Can I choose which samples I want to try?

A: Angel’s Cup’s goal is to surprise you, teach you about new coffee blends and origins, and to get you outside of your comfort zone. This is why the company sends you the samples it selects itself. Don’t worry, you won’t be disappointed.

What Other Subscribers Say

Reviews from other subscribers are unanimous in saying that the Black Box subscription is a very interesting way to try new coffees and learn about coffee in general. Most of them seem to be drawn to the mystery of the blends and guessing which is which. Many have expressed excitement in playing the tasting game, which is entertaining and even challenging. Some customers were drawn by the fact that you get several samples in each delivery because they like a little variety in their coffee life.

Subscribers also love using the app while tasting, because it isolates each dimension of the coffee, making you pay attention to things you might not have before. It’s easy to use and has multiple features targeted towards brewing methods or learning about tasting or coffee in general. Most customers that have used it say the app is a fantastic information platform that makes coffee tasting less confusing while playing a mysterious game. Who knew?


Angel’s Cup empowers you to have your own coffee journey by trying multiple blends every month and developing your tasting skills with the help of the company and the community. If you want a variety of high-quality blends or an awesome coffee tasting challenge, Angel’s Cup Black Box is definitely a subscription to try. As Angel’s Cup likes to say, let’s brew this!