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Atlas Coffee Subscription

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The Atlas Coffee Club combines travel and coffee by sending you high-quality coffees from farms all over the world. Think of it as your tour guide, leading you on a world coffee tour! Subscribers will be sent a wide variety of international single-origin coffees that are not available on any store shelves or online, but from Atlas alone.

The reason Atlas coffee is so special is due to the micro-lots its coffee is grown in. The company sourced these lots itself. This means the quality and flavor of the coffee is hard to beat, and the interesting facts you get to learn about coffee and other countries just add to the excitement. We have fully reviewed this subscription and shared it with you to help you choose if you want to go along on a coffee world tour via the Atlas Coffee Club.

Atlas Coffee Club Subscription Quick Look:

  • Quality, flavorful coffee
  • Pick subscription options: amount, roast, etc.
  • Includes info about country and coffee
  • Good online resources
  • Good price point
  • Expensive shipping
  • Company chooses the coffee

Coffee: Quality, Flavor, and Selection

Atlas takes pride in the quality of its coffee, because it sources the farms and chooses the coffees themselves very meticulously. The company wants to give subscribers the best possible coffee from each coffee-growing country, which is why it puts so much dedication into finding the right ones. This hard work and dedication has paid off, because the quality of the coffee doesn’t disappoint.

The coffee we were sent to try was a medium roast from Papua New Guinea. The tasting notes were described on the coffee card as nougat, red apple, and whiskey. The more in-depth notes on the coffee card say it has a full body with hints of chocolate that give way to the refreshing crisp taste of apple, with a spicier finish that reminds one of whiskey or tobacco. As you can tell, the coffee’s flavors are complex and interesting. After tasting this coffee, we can say it matches the tasting description very well, and the flavor was different from any other Papua New Guinea coffee we’ve tried before. We’re sure most coffees from Atlas will have the same great flavor profiles.

The selection from Atlas is well-varied due to the different farms it sources from. It has a vast number of single-origin coffees to share with all of you! However, you don’t get to choose the beans the company sends you, so only choose this subscription if you’re open-minded about coffee and willing to try a lot of varieties.

For the Customers: Resources, Ease of Use, and Price

Atlas Coffee Club informs subscribers about their coffee in the information it sends with the coffee and online as well. The postcard sent with your coffee describes the country or region that month’s coffee was grown in. It provides some facts about the country’s culture and history. You also receive a Coffee Card. The Coffee Card has information about the tasting notes, the best way to brew the coffee, the roast level, the history of growing coffee in that country, and notes about the growing region and how the beans were processed. That’s a lot of information, and it really helps you imagine traveling there, even though you’re just enjoying coffee in your PJs. If you’re even more curious, there’s a separate page online about Atlas’s coffees for you to check out, along with brew guides.

Atlas’s website is easy to use, which makes it pretty easy to sign up for a subscription. When you enter the site, there are steps to sign up for the subscription and information on how it works, so there’s no confusion. The rest of the website is very well laid out, and it offers some online resources for new and current subscribers. Selecting your subscription preferences is also set up efficiently for quick use. There are plenty of ways to customize your subscription, like frequency of delivery, roast level, grind, and how much you receive per delivery. This is an adaptable subscription that can be flexible for your coffee desires.

The price for this subscription is excellent because it’s fair for each shipment option. It isn’t a lot more than you would pay for a great coffee in a grocery store. However, a lot more care and hard work has been put into sourcing and sending the coffee you’ll receive from Atlas. There’s even an offer that takes 50% off your first month of coffee to help you start out.


Q: How fresh is Atlas’s coffee?

A: It’s roasted only hours before being shipped out. During the shipping process, it de-gasses and is at its peak freshness for brewing right when it’s delivered to your door.

Q: Do you have to use the brewing method listed on the coffee card that comes in the delivery?

A: No. It is suggested because it will get the best flavor from that particular coffee. However, it is completely up to you how to brew and enjoy your Atlas coffee.

What the Users Say

Positive Feedback: There are many positive reviews from happy customers that state they are satisfied with the coffee and the company. Here’s why.

Customers are impressed with the quality and diversity of the coffees they’re sent. It shows the hard work put into the subscription to give you things you haven’t tried before and expand your coffee knowledge and palate.

Most customers were very happy with the coffee cards that were provided. They appreciated learning not just the tasting notes for a coffee, but about the place, it’s from and its culture. The combination of travel and coffee is what makes this subscription special.

For most customers, the website was easy to use and the information listed about the coffees and brew methods was helpful. The reviews also stated that customer service was speedy and helpful when an issue arose.

Negative Feedback: There was one main complaint about this subscription.

Some customers weren’t pleased with the shipping charges that are added onto the subscription. The actual price for the coffee is fair, but when shipping was added, some customers thought it was a little pricey. Some coffee subscriptions include free or low-cost shipping, which isn’t the case for Atlas.


Atlas Coffee Club is a great subscription for many reasons. The high quality, the diversity of flavors, and the dependable customer service are exactly why this subscription would be great for anyone. It’s even more enticing for those who not only love coffee, but want to try something new every month and learn about other countries. If you think this review makes it sound good, wait until you actually get to taste the international flavors. Happy coffee traveling with Atlas!

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