Top 3 Must-Read Coffee Blogs for Coffee Enthusiasts

coffee and a computer blog

Keeping up on the abundance of coffee knowledge this world offers is the only way to know the tastiest cafes around the world, learn the best brewing techniques, learn ways to make your favorite drinks at home, and even read about coffee events and competitions. Coffee blogs are around to give you all the coffee knowledge you need. We’ve reviewed three of the best coffee blogs with different kinds of information for you to turn to when you need anything coffee-related.

  1. The Way To Coffee

The Way To Coffee Blog

Who’s It For? Those who want to travel and drink different coffees, or who just like to read about them.

This blog has a unique vibe based around coffee and travel. The writer of the blog, Resi, has traveled far and wide not only to drink coffee, but to share what she learns with all of us! She writes about anything coffee- and travel-related, including topics like where to get the best coffee in certain countries and some interesting international brewing methods. The website looks fantastic and is easy to browse endlessly. Check it out if coffee from all over the world sparks your interest.

Summary of What You’ll Find

  • Reviews on cafes from a wide variety of countries on four different continents
  • The most personal reviews, because the writer experienced them
  • Instructional videos of brewing methods demonstrated by talented baristas
  • Interesting topics about coffee abroad
  1. The Coffee Channel

Coffee Channel Homepage

Who’s It For? Everyone! At-home brewers, avid coffee lovers, curious coffee newbies, coffee gurus looking for something new, and everyone in between!

The Coffee Channel is dedicated to giving you the best coffee knowledge out there. Of course we have to brag about ourselves, and we do a pretty great job. Our blog has a lot of interesting how-to’s and reliable reviews for coffee gear and coffee beans that you definitely want in your life. There are photos in many of the how-to’s that show you exactly what to do, step by step. If you want to know how to make one of your favorite drinks at home, how to brew with a certain brewing method, or just general coffee knowledge, we are here for you! We also have interesting posts about alternative ways to make some of your favorite coffee drinks. For example, we have a post called “How to Make Cold Brew in A Mason Jar.” Coffee Channel to the rescue!

Summary of What You’ll Find:

  • How-to’s that help you to be your best barista. They include crafting coffee beverages, brewing methods, roasting at home, and more
  • Basic coffee knowledge, from caffeine levels to the differences between two of your favorite coffee drinks
  • Reliable equipment and coffee bean reviews, so you can make wise coffee decisions
  • Interesting informative posts about topics like emergency coffee filter substitutes and how to store your beans properly for prime freshness
  • Alternative brewing methods for an inspiring and convenient twist
  1. Veneziano Coffee

Veziano Coffee Roasters blog

Who’s It For? Serious coffee people who want to have a coffee-based business, those who want to read about others’ coffee experiences, anyone who is interested in the industrial roasting process of coffee, and those who enjoy coffee events or barista competitions.

This blog is on the website of the Australian company Veneziano Coffee Roasters. It covers an interesting abundance of coffee events and news. The company shares lots of information about the own interesting blends it roasts, but the blog also covers topics like the Women in Coffee project, overviews of serious coffee competitions and events like international expos. Another cool thing about this blog is that it has a lot of personal stories about coffee experiences. If you are interested in what’s behind the cup of coffee you’re drinking or in reading about coffee events, this blog is one you’ll want to read.

Summary of What You’ll Find:

  • Reviews on coffee events, competitions, and general cafes all over
  • Journal entries that feature origin trips
  • News about coffee blends and the coffee industry in general
  • Reviews of coffee products
  • Articles written about personal coffee experiences

We’ve also created a list of our favorite coffee Youtube channels, and Instagram accounts.