Best Coffee for Moka Pots 2019 — Reviews & Top Picks

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Moka PotThe best type of coffee to use for a Moka pot is one that has a finer grind than one you would use in a drip coffee maker, but a coarser grind than espresso. Basically, you’re looking for something between a fine to medium-fine grind. Although a Moka pot is sometimes called a “stovetop espresso maker,” it doesn’t produce enough pressure to be a true espresso, so be sure not to use an espresso grind, as it will clog the filter.

There are many great coffee choices out there, so we’ve narrowed down the best for use in the Moka pot. We’ve included reviews of each type of coffee, as well as a buying guide. Read on for our top picks for Moka pot coffee.

A Quick Glance at our Favorites

ModelPriceRoastEditor Rating
Lavazza Super Crema
Small Lavazza Super Crema
(Top Pick)

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Bialetti Coffee Moka Ground
Small Bialetti Coffee
(Best Ground Beans Pick)

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Lavazza Qualita Rossa
Small Lavazza Qualita Rossa

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Coffee Bean Direct Sulawesi Kalossi
Small Coffee Bean Direct Sulawesi Kalossi

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Lavazza Gran Filtro Decaffeinato
Small Lavazza Gran Filtro Decaffeinato
(Best Decaf Pick)

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Best Coffee for Moka Pot — Reviews 2019

1. Lavazza Super Crema Whole Bean Coffee Blend — Top Pick

Lavazza Super Crema

Lavazza makes a delicious whole bean coffee blend that’s available in many grocery stores, which is convenient. The whole beans allow you to get the best grind for a Moka pot, and we liked that it’s a mild and creamy espresso roast. The flavor notes are honey, almond, and dried fruit. It’s also low acidity without a bitter aftertaste. It’s blended and roasted in Italy and packaged in a large bag: 2.2 lbs.

The only potential problem is that it’s made of a blend of Arabica and Robusta varieties. If you prefer only Arabica coffee, then you might not appreciate the stronger, harsher taste of Robusta.

  • Flavor notes of honey, almonds, and dried fruit
  • Blended and roasted in Italy
  • 2.2-lb. bag
  • Creamy and mild
  • Low acidity
  • Blend of Arabica and Robusta varieties

2. Bialetti Coffee, Moka Ground, Light Roast — Best Ground Beans Pick

Bialetti Coffee

Bialetti has a coffee especially for the Moka pot, and this makes it our best ground beans pick. It saves you the trouble of having to grind the beans yourself. The coffee has a delicate body, with an aroma of flowers and dried fruit. It’s 100% Arabica coffee, roasted in Italy. The bag is smaller — 8.8 oz. — which is actually a good thing for pre-ground coffee, since you’ll be able to drink it all before it goes stale.

The taste on this one, though, is a little flat and not as robust as some of the others on this list. Pre-ground coffee, though convenient, does tend to be staler than grinding it fresh yourself.

  • Delicate body with an aroma of flowers and dried fruit
  • Lightly roasted in Italy
  • 8.8 ounces
  • 100% Arabica coffee
  • Ground especially for Moka pots
  • Taste is flat, not robust
  • Pre-ground means the taste will be staler than fresh ground

3. Lavazza Qualita Rossa Ground Coffee Blend

Lavazza Qualita Rossa

The Lavazza Qualita Rossa Ground Coffee Blend is a great choice if you prefer a medium roast. This is another pre-ground coffee option, and it comes in a smaller 8.8- oz. bag to keep it fresh. We appreciated that it’s non-GMO, though not fully organic. It’s also blended and roasted in Italy, which is a plus when you’re buying coffee for an Italian Moka pot.

As with the previous pre-ground coffee choice, having the coffee beans already ground means that they will be staler than if you grind them fresh. This blend also has a bit of a burnt and bitter taste to it, perhaps because it’s a medium roast.

  • Medium roast
  • 8.8-oz. bag
  • Non-GMO
  • Blended and roasted in Italy
  • Burnt taste
  • Pre-ground means the taste will be staler than fresh ground

4. Coffee Bean Direct “Sulawesi Kalossi” Whole Bean Coffee

Coffee Bean Direct Dark Sulawesi Kalossi

Coffee Bean Direct offers an Indonesian coffee that’s perfect if you love coffee with subtle hints of spice. We like that Coffee Bean Direct roasts their coffee immediately before packaging. These whole beans are available in a 5-lb. bag if you like to buy their coffee in bulk or a smaller 16-oz. size if you don’t.

Unfortunately, the strength of this coffee just fell short of expectations. It was weak-tasting and bitter, despite being from beans with low acidity. They also seemed a bit stale, despite being whole beans.

  • Fresh roasted immediately before packaging
  • Indonesian coffee
  • Available in a 5-lb. bag
  • Very weak tasting
  • Bitter taste
  • Stale smell

5. Lavazza Gran Filtro Decaffeinato Whole Bean Coffee Blend — Best Decaf Pick

Lavazza Gran Filtro Decaffeinato

If you prefer your coffee to be decaffeinated, then Lavazza’s Gran Filtro Decaffeinato Whole Bean Coffee Blend is a great choice. We like that it’s decaffeinated using a natural process, so you don’t have added chemicals in your coffee. This is another medium roast with hints of spice, and it’s blended and roasted in Italy.

Unfortunately, despite the natural decaffeinating process, it has an odd taste. The coffee is also on the weaker side with a stale taste. Compared to others on our list, this doesn’t have the same dark, robust flavor.

  • Medium roast with hints of spice
  • Blended and roasted in Italy
  • Decaffeinated using a natural process
  • Weaker coffee
  • Odd taste
  • Stale
  • Not a dark, robust flavor

Buyer’s Guide

The ideal coffee is ultimately the kind that tastes the best to you, but there are a few criteria you should look for when shopping for coffee for your Moka pot. These include:

Whole Bean or Pre-ground

Whole bean is generally the best choice for the freshest tasting coffee. You’ll also be able to get the perfect grind for the Moka pot, which is somewhere between fine and medium-fine grind, or espresso grind and drip-pot grind.

If you prefer the convenience of pre-ground coffee, then we recommend coffee that’s specifically for Moka pots, since espresso grounds will clog your filter and grounds for drip coffee aren’t fine enough.

Size of Bag

If you’re buying whole bean coffee, then the size of the bag doesn’t matter as much. You can buy in bulk to save money because beans will stay fresh for longer, and you can just grind as much as you need each morning.

For pre-ground coffee, though, we recommend looking for smaller bags. This will ensure that you use up the coffee quickly after opening, and your cup will have the freshest taste.

Arabica or Robusta

There’s a reason that Arabica is the most popular variety of coffee beans: They are sweeter, fruitier, and more acidic. Robusta often has an aftertaste that’s been compared to the smell of burnt rubber. However, it also has a higher caffeine content, which can be a good or bad thing, depending on your taste.

If you prefer a sweeter, fruitier taste, then it’s important to check the label for 100% Arabica coffee beans.

Pouring Coffee Moka Pot

Italian Coffee

Because the Moka pot originated in Italy, it can be helpful to seek out Italian brands of coffee. Some, like Bialetti’s Moka Ground, are specially made for Moka pots. But even if you’re buying whole beans, an Italian blend can impart ideal flavor, as it’s the type of coffee originally used in Moka pots.


Certified organic is always a good choice if you’re trying to avoid unnecessary chemicals.


Our top pick for best Moka pot coffee is Lavazza’s Super Crema Whole Bean Coffee Blend because of its convenient availability in grocery stores, smooth and creamy taste, and packaging in a 2.2-lb. bag.

For pre-ground coffee, our pick is Bialetti’s Moka Ground Light Roast because it’s specially made for Moka pots, packaged in a smaller bag for freshness, and is lightly roasted in Italy.

If you prefer decaffeinated coffee, then we recommend Lavazza’s Gran Filtro Decaffeinato Whole Bean Coffee Blend because it’s naturally decaffeinated, available in whole beans, and roasted and blended in Italy.

We hope that our reviews and buyer’s guide help you determine the best type of coffee to use in your Moka pot. Now you just have to taste-test and see which one meets your standards for most delicious coffee!