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Top 30 YouTube Channels for Coffee Lovers

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overview of Coffee YouTube channels

If you’re looking for a great coffee channel on YouTube, sorting through millions of options can be a daunting task. We’ve compiled the best list of coffee channels, or anything related to your favorite cup of joe, for your viewing pleasure.

We also have lists of our favorite coffee blogs and our favorite coffee Instagram accounts.

Top 30 YouTube Channels for Coffee Enthusiasts:

1. Real Chris Baca

Real Chris Baca

Since the channel’s inception in 2015, Chris Baca has shown his genuine love of coffee in different mediums, including podcasts, videos, and live demonstrations. As a barista champion and co-founder of Cat & Cloud Coffee Roasters, this educator shares his opinions on new gadgets and specialty coffee techniques.

2. Whole Latte Love

Whole Latte Love

Whole Latte Love is mostly an espresso review channel, but it also features new products from specialty coffee expos all over the world. It has fantastic informational videos that guide you through creating the perfect latte.

3. Coffee Fusion

Coffee Fusion

This Australian coffee community features an online coffee school that helps people create better coffee at home. Check out their latte art and espresso tutorials!

4. Seattle Coffee Gear

Seattle Coffee Gear

Seattle Coffee Gear features espresso machine reviews, coffee brewing tips, help with maintenance, tech help and much, much more. The team at Seattle Coffee Gear likes to test and review various coffee and espresso from around the world.

5. Dritan Alsela

Dritan Alsela

Dritan Alsela is an incredibly skilled barista who hails from Germany. He’s best known for his intricate latte art techniques, as well as his vlogs that take you through his various outings at coffee and barista festivals.

6. Sweet Maria’s Coffee

Sweet Maria’s Coffee

Sweet Maria is a green and organic coffee house located in West Oakland, USA. This channel is more commonly associated with their roasting equipment company and their educational videos on coffee and espresso. They also like to review their own roasters, as well as others as a comparison with their own products.

7. European Coffee Trip

European Coffee Trip

This is a project that started in an attempt to understand and explore the specialty coffee scene in Europe. European Coffee Trip is loaded with informational videos, tutorials, and interviews from people in the coffee industry. Its primary goal is to create a community of people who want to learn and discover culture through the art of making coffee and specialty coffee.

8. James Hoffman

James Hoffman

With two books to his name entitled Atlas of Coffee 1& 2, James Hoffman is a coffee guru. His YouTube channel talks about anything related to coffee you could think of. Check out “Can coffee-cola be good?” and “Why is a cup of coffee so expensive?”

9. Tim Wendelboe

Tim Wendelboe

World Barista Champion and six-time Nordic Roaster winner Tim Wendelboe takes you through his day at the farm while tasting and comparing various coffees. His most popular videos are about roasting and roasting strategies, but he also enjoys interviewing other experts such as Diego Campos.

10. History Channel

This is less of an entire channel recommendation and more of a specific video that will expand your knowledge of coffee. The History Channel released a fascinating documentary about the history of coffee, including when it was first consumed, how it was processed, and how people figured out how to roast beans.

11. The Right Roast

The Right Roast

Tim Rogg of The Right Roast is a passionate coffee lover and part-time filmmaker who currently lives in London. In his 130+ videos, he explains at length about third wave coffee culture in Europe. One of his most popular videos is a video guide of Tokyo that you should check out. Tim Rogg also launched a coffee subscription service on his website, which you can find on his YouTube channel.

12. The Barista Guild of Europe

The Barista Guild of Europe

BGE is not just one channel, but many videos of talks and presentations held and organized by the guild. BGE collaborates with Barista Camps and CoLab to produce well-researched and informed content about the coffee industry, as well as talks on techniques, economics, and extraction measurements.

13. Caffeine


The famous Caffeine Magazine runs this vlog and podcast channel. The magazine and YouTube channel were made by coffee lovers, for coffee lovers. Its primary goal is to keep you updated on all things specialty coffee. You’ll find multiple informational topics as well.

14. Starbucks


If you love coffee and haven’t heard of Starbucks, you’ve been living under a rock. Seattle-based coffee company Starbucks has over 28,000 locations throughout the world. Its YouTube channel has quite a few how-to videos, as well as coffee recipes.

15. Prima Coffee Equipment

Prima Coffee Equipment

The Prima Coffee Equipment YouTube channel shows off various espresso machines and how to use them. It also has educational videos on the OptiPure Water test and the Acadia Pearl S. If you’re thinking of getting a new brewing machine, this is an excellent channel for checking out your options.

16. Clive Coffee

Clive Coffee

A small group founded Clive Coffee in Portland, Oregon on the foundation of fresh, great-tasting coffee. You’ll find many instructional videos on this channel, including “3 easy ways to make iced coffee” and “Top five espresso mistakes to avoid.”

17. Specialty Coffee Association (of America)

Specialty Coffee Association (of America)

SCA is a membership-based association founded in America by multiple like-minded coffee lovers. They pride themselves on being open, inclusive, and knowledgeable on everything concerning coffee. The association acts as a unifying force for the specialty coffee industry by raising the standards worldwide for the manufacturing and trade of their products.

18. Wolff College of Coffee

Wolff College of Coffee

This is a vast resource of online coffee courses. It caters to newbies and professionals alike by empowering all individuals regardless of level. The wide variety of courses includes roasting, cupping, sensory development, latte art, espresso, and brewed coffee.

19. Coffee Detective

Coffee Detective

Based in Montreal, Canada, Coffee Detective reviews coffee makers, coffee grinders, and espresso machines. The channel takes you through in-depth, visual demos that leave nothing to the imagination.

20. Coffee Courses

Coffee Courses

Here’s another large resource of online coffee courses. Although they cater to the coffee industry, there’s a lot of useful information to take from these videos. They tackle more in-depth topics like “evaluating the acidity in coffee” and “unlocking the natural sweetness in coffee.”

21. Sump Coffee

Sump Coffee

Sump Coffee started as a small coffee shop in Saint Louis but has since expanded to open multiple stores throughout the US. On its YouTube channel, you’ll find discussions of technical topics like brew methods and particle size.

22. The Coffee Break

The Coffee Break

The Coffee Break features short videos on a wide variety of subjects, including woke advertising, the addiction of cigarettes and slots, and how to always win an argument.

23. Coffee with Sean

Coffee with Sean

Sean is an interesting fellow who likes to sip coffee while talking about his experiences working on a cruise ship. In every video, he’ll show you a close-up of his French press as his intro, before sitting down and getting really honest with you. Examples of topics he’ll discuss include dating, traveling, passengers, and the highs and lows of working far from land.

24. Coffee Date Thursday

Coffee Date Thursday

This is for all the ladies out there. If you search “Coffee Date Thursday” on YouTube, you’ll see multiple different women, with coffee or latte in hand, talking about their week on a Thursday. Listening to other peoples’ pet peeves, guilty pleasures, or first date stories can be very relaxing as you’re waking up and enjoying your own cup of java.

25. Barista Swag – Latte Art & Barista Gear

Barista Swag – Latte Art & Barista Gear

With latte art tutorials done by Asaf Rauch, this channel has a large community on Instagram as well as an online shop. The latte art on this channel is incredibly intricate and unique, so if you want to wow your friends at your next get-together, check it out.

26. Costa Coffee

Costa Coffee

Costa Coffee has over 1300 locations across the UK and more than 1000 internationally, so it’s safe to say that it’s a successful coffee chain. On its YouTube channel, people talk new flavors, interview experts, and give tutorials on how to make a great cup of coffee. They also like to talk about their “Costa Book Award” winners, making this channel a great place to find new reading material while you’re sipping your coffee.

27. Mill City Roasters

Mill City Roasters

Mill City Roasters, and its partner factory North Coffee, work to lower barriers to entering coffee roasting. It sells its own commercial roasters, and provides classes on this YouTube channel for anyone wanting more knowledge on brewing in general.

28. La Marzocco

La Marzocco

La Marzocco is another company that produces espresso machines, but it’s been doing this for a while (since 1927). Its motto is “preserving the past while peering into the future.” La Marzocco’s channel combines cycling, traveling, and coffee-related information.

29. Re: co Symposium

Re:co Symposium

This channel is for the true coffee nerd in all of us. Re: co Symposium shares agricultural, scientific, and economic research related to the coffee industry. The channel also likes to encourage new innovative ways of fixing and addressing challenges often faced when building a coffee business. Re: co brings multiple experts from around the world to collaborate and drive the industry forward by sharing their knowledge on coffee and its process.

30. Nordic Barista

Nordic Barista

This channel is similar to Re: co Symposium in that it’s a resource for all things coffee, but instead, this channel is specific to Nordic countries.


With thousands of interesting videos, YouTube is a great source of entertainment and knowledge. But finding the best channels can be time-consuming, so we hope this list of our 30 favorite YouTube channels for coffee lovers helps you quickly find a great video (or 10). Happy watching!