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Best Dark Roast Coffee Brands 2020 – Top Picks & Reviews

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dark roasted coffee beans in a cup

A great way to think of dark roast coffee is: “Taste the heat, not the sweet.” That’s because the robust, nutty flavor of the roasting overwhelms the fruity, complex flavor of the coffee bean. Dark roasts pair well with milk and cream because they smooth out the robust, sometimes bitter flavor.

FUN FACT: The idea that dark roasts have more caffeine is an urban legend. In fact, the roasting process slightly decreases the amount of caffeine in coffee.

If you want to find the best-tasting dark roast coffee, we wrote these in-depth reviews for you. We paired them with a quick buyer’s guide at the end to give you an idea of not only what’s good, but why.

Comparison of Our Favorite Brands

ModelPriceTypeEditor Rating
Kicking Horse Coffee “Grizzly Claw”
Kicking Horse Coffee
(Top Pick)

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Starbucks French Roast Ground Coffee
Starbucks French Roast
(Top Ground Coffee Pick)

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Don Pablo Decaf Whole Bean Coffee

(Top Decaf Pick)

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Mayorga Organics Cafe Cubano
Mayorga Organics Cafe Cubano

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Whole Bean4.2/5
AmazonFresh Whole Bean Coffee

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Whole Bean4.0/5

The 10 Best Dark-Roast Coffee Brands

1. Kicking Horse Coffee “Grizzly Claw” Dark Roast – Best Overall

Kicking Horse Coffee

Kicking Horse Coffee’s Grizzly Claw beans are the best dark roast coffee beans we reviewed. They‘re reasonably priced. In buying whole beans, you can control how coarsely or finely they’re ground based on your preferred brewing method.

You’ll like the balance and smooth flavor these have. Unlike other dark roasts, there is no bitterness, only a coffee with a flavor so strong it wills you awake, and a hint of chocolate.

That said, when this is brewed for espresso, it loses a little something. It’s like a champion sprinter who, in the last 10 meters, loses a quarter step.

  • Balanced drink
  • Great flavor
  • Affordable
  • Whole bean versatility
  • Loses something in espresso

2. Starbucks French Roast – Top Ground Coffee Pick

It might be a bit of a surprise that we chose as best dark roast ground coffee the French Roast from Starbucks. It’s pretty fashionable in these things to go with a specialty brand with an edgy name. In this case, going familiar is the same as going gold.

Starbucks French Roast has great flavor and depth, and this coffee delivers it consistently. So many coffees are hit and miss. It also uses the Starbucks buying power to great effect. Most top picks are really expensive. This one is affordable.

One thing we don’t like about this particular coffee is that it’s grounds, not whole beans. That means it’ll lose freshness more quickly than whole beans. You’re also limited in what brewing methods you can use.

  • Outstanding flavor
  • Great depth
  • Good value
  • Grounds, not beans

3. Don Pablo Whole Bean Dark-Roast Coffee – Best Decaf

Cafe Don Pablo Gourmet Coffee

Dark roast coffee in general is lower in caffeine than lighter coffees, because the roasting process destroys it. It’s also naturally lower in acid. So, if you’ve got health issues that steer you away from traditional coffees, a decaf dark roast is a good way to go.

Our pick for best dark roast decaf coffee is Don Pablo’s Whole Bean Coffee Medium-Dark Roast. It hits three high points for us. It’s got a great, full flavor because it’s processed with water instead of synthetic chemicals and won’t put a serious hit on your wallet. Most other decafs have a problem, especially with the taste issue.

One thing to note is that it’s not a full dark roast. It’s a medium-dark roast, so it’s not quite the real deal.

  • Affordable
  • Great flavor
  • Water-based processing
  • Not quite a dark roast
  • Bags not vacuum sealed

4. Mayorga Organics Cafe Cubano Whole Bean Coffee

Mayorga Organics Cafe Cubano

Pound for pound, Mayorga Organics Cafe Cubano Dark Roast might be the best value of the coffees we looked at. For the same money you might pay for a pound of an upper-end coffee, you get two, and those two punch well above their weight class in what they deliver.

If you love Cuban coffee, this is the one to buy. A fine grind on these whole beans brings out their best, and it makes a great espumita when whipped with sugar. Plus, we always recommend buying whole beans to maintain maximum freshness, and so you have control over how finely you grind beans you’re spending good money for.

Note that if you drink this as a standalone coffee, the flavor isn’t quite the same as other dark roasts. It’s not quite as robust.

  • Tremendous value
  • Smooth
  • Great in Cuban coffee
  • Whole bean versatility and freshness
  • Not as flavorful

5. AmazonFresh Whole Bean Coffee

AmazonFresh Dark Roast

We are always intrigued by Amazon coffee products. The company is best known for revolutionizing the distribution of goods, and we were curious and then impressed by its line of K-cups. When we got a chance to look at its whole bean coffee, we wasted no time doing it.

When we say that this is an Amazon product, that’s high praise. It uses 100 percent Arabica beans, which, when roasted dark, produce a coffee with some of the lowest acid levels possible. It also puts the Amazon purchasing power to good use in terms of consumer pricing. If you want good coffee on a budget, this is a great option. We also like that it’s sold as whole beans, which means it stays fresh longer and allows you to grind them however you prefer.

The beans have a bit of a burnt flavor, and a fine grind did a better job of pulling out the most from them. If you’re making a cappuccino, that might make these perfect. If you’re into cold brew, not so much. We also have to recognize that while Amazon’s distribution can get you a socket set, new underwear, or a vacuum filter in two days, if you run out of its coffee and need some that minute, you’re out of luck.

  • Great value
  • Exceptionally low acid
  • Whole bean versatility
  • Reduced flavors at coarser grind
  • A burnt flavor
  • Limited availability

6. Community Coffee Signature Blend Premium Ground

Community Coffee Signature Blend

We didn’t hate Community Coffee’s Signature Blend Dark Roast. We just didn’t like it all that much.

There are two compelling reasons you might want to buy it. The first is that because it’s made from 100 percent Arabica beans, it’s naturally low in acid. Roasting it a long time destroys even more of it. If you’re looking for a stomach-friendly coffee, this is a good choice. The other is that it’s a great value. You can get a lot of decent coffee for just a little money.

You’re getting what you’re paying for, however. It isn’t as bold, complex, or full as some dark roasts. We also mark it down as a pre-ground coffee. Ground coffee goes stale faster than whole beans, and if you want to get the most out of your beans, you’re limited in how you can brew it.

  • Great value
  • Low acid
  • Mediocre taste
  • Ground coffee

7. Death Wish Ground Coffee “The World’s Strongest Coffee”


Death Wish Ground Coffee

Contrary to what the company says, Death Wish Ground Coffee is not the world’s strongest coffee. Much of what people think that entails is that the coffee has a massive amount of caffeine. Caffeine is destroyed in the roasting process, and coffees of the light roast variety are by extension stronger.

We found that this is a pretty good dark roast. It’s got a robust flavor that works on a couple of different levels.

It’s also really expensive. You can get coffee only slightly less flavorful for a lot less money. What you wind up paying for is the right to say you bought the world’s strongest coffee, which it isn’t.

  • Flavorful coffee
  • Complex
  • Marketing gimmick
  • Really expensive
  • Ground

8. Koffee Kult Coffee Beans

Koffee Kult Dark Roast

There is a whole range of gimmick coffees out there. We already looked at Death Wish, and now we’ve got Koffee Kult, which is a natural play on its addictive qualities. For the most part, we find these brews lacking when it counts. This is one of those cases.

We do think this has a lot of potential for cold brew, which levels out a lot of the bitterness. If you make your coffee that way, this is a pretty good choice. Any other way, you’re contending with reduced flavors that have a burnt quality to them. This one also comes with a plastic zipper on the bag that‘s a nightmare to use.

  • Great for cold brew
  • Flavor lacking
  • Burnt flavor
  • Zipped container

9. Olde Brooklyn Whole Bean Coffee


In the whole bean coffee market, Olde Brooklyn Dark Roast is in the bargain bin. It’s for people who can’t afford anything better and for people who don’t know any better.

That makes it a very affordable coffee that is separated from the giant tubs sold by major brands by the fact that it’s sold as whole beans, which is a better way to buy coffee than pre-ground.

When it comes to quality, it just isn’t there. It’s got a burnt taste and a pretty mediocre flavor. On a list of pros and cons, that might make it two-to-two, but in reality the weight of the quality is so sizable that it’s really two-to-seven.

  • Very affordable
  • Whole beans
  • Very average flavor
  • Burnt taste

10. Peet’s Coffee Major Dickason’s Blend Ground Coffee

Peets Coffee Major Dickasons

Peet’s Coffee has a pretty devoted and vocal customer base, so we’re a bit nervous about giving its Major Dickason’s Blend dark roast our bottom ranking.

We justify it for a couple of reasons. Well, one big reason, which is that the coffee is substandard. Compared to other dark roasts, it’s very mediocre in the flavor department. You’re drinking this as a standalone drink, but if you want to get something more sophisticated, you need to spend the money. It also goes stale pretty quickly. We suspect it sits in a warehouse somewhere while getting processed.

We will allow that it’s pretty affordable. If you want to pay a little more so you don’t have to suffer through a tub of major brand coffee, this is an acceptable choice.

  • Affordable
  • Goes stale quickly
  • Mediocre coffee

Buyer’s Guide

What is dark roast coffee?

To reach a dark roast, coffee beans are roasted past the second crack, to between 464°F – 482°F. These beans are dark in color and typically have a light sheen of oil. They can be brewed using any method but are most common in espresso.

Dark roast coffee has the lowest acidity and is marked by bold, full flavor. There is slightly less caffeine, and you may notice flavors of caramel, chocolate, and nuts. With dark roast coffee, you taste the roast, rather than the bean itself, so you’re unlikely to find floral or fruity flavors.

What should you look for?

Look for beans that are freshly roasted and aromatic. Because dark roast coffee is typically slightly oily, you may want to avoid dry beans, which can be stale. For the best flavor, you’ll want to buy whole bean coffee and grind it just before brewing. This extra step will keep your beans from going stale and losing richness of flavor.


We gave Kicking Horse Coffee’s Grizzly Claw our top pick for dark roast coffee beans because it does everything well. We like that it’s richly flavorful and affordable enough for everyday drinking. If you prefer ground coffee, we recommend the Starbucks French Roast because it offers consistently great flavor without any bitterness. Don Pablo’s Whole Bean Coffee Medium-Dark Roast was our choice for best dark roast decaf. It’s lighter than most decafs, but it’s got great flavor.

We hope that our comprehensive reviews and quick buyer’s guide help you find a robust, affordable dark roast coffee. With so many delicious varieties, you can’t go wrong!

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