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Best Keurig K-Cup Coffee Pods 2020 – Top Picks & Reviews

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Overview of all the Keurig K-cup pods

Though everyone’s tastes are different, there are factors we can and do use to help determine which K-cups you will love. The flavors below have been evaluated based on their boldness and aroma. We also tested the structural integrity of each K-cup’s packaging, as well as the overall value of the product.

We know that everyone looks for something different in their coffee. That’s why this list is both detailed and expansive. Light roast, bold roast, and flavored brews all find themselves honored spots in the guide below.

As a lover of coffee, you’ll likely try several, or all, of these cups eventually. Our hope is simply that these Keurig K-cup coffee pod reviews give you a good place to start your collection.

A Summary of our Favorites (Updated in 2020)

ModelPriceRoastEditor Rating
Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Breakfast Blend
Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Breakfast Blend (Light Roast)(Best Overall)

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Death Wish Coffee
Death Wish Coffee K-Cup Pods

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Cinnabon Classic Cinnamon Roll
Cinnabon Classic Cinnamon Roll K-Cup Coffee

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Peet's Coffee Decaf House Blend
Peet's Coffee Decaf House Blend

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Starbucks 'Pike Place'
Starbucks Pike Place Medium Roast K Cup Coffee Pods

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The 10 Best Keurig K-Cups

1. Green Mountain Breakfast Blend K-Cups – Best Overall

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Breakfast Blend (Light Roast)

The Green Mountain Breakfast Blend is full-flavored but light and aromatic. The flavorful blend manages to be both tasty, and mild enough that it allows you to ease into your morning. This blend is also certified to be kosher.

The company itself is also admirable. Green Mountain takes an ethical approach to its operations—a welcome change in an industry that’s often criticized for its dubious environmental and human rights practices. Green Mountain pledges to pay its workers fair wages while also improving the communities that they operate within. It does this by working to improve water quality, and by planting trees.

Perhaps because of its “coffee with a cause” business practices, this blend is a little bit pricier than your average K-cup. However, the cost may well be worthwhile. If you appreciate the ethics of Green Mountain, or you just really like a great cup of coffee, this will be the blend for you. All in all, this is one of the best K-cups out there in 2020.

  • Delicious taste
  • Deeply flavorful light blend
  • Certified kosher
  • Ethical business practices
  • A little pricey

2. Death Wish – Best Dark Roast K-Cups

Death Wish Coffee K-Cup Pods

Death Wish isn’t just a cool name. This coffee is not for beginners. These pods are roughly twice as caffeinated as the average product, which means you do need to approach with caution. Assuming you’re looking for a caffeine overload, this bold, dark roast is going to be the coffee for you.

Death Wish is a relatively small operation (though it has grown substantially in the last several years) but it takes a boutique approach to roasting. Its roasters use only the latest and greatest in equipment to make delicious, but never bitter, coffee.

Death Wish is successful in this regard. The coffee boasts a robust flavor profile, but is not overly acidic the way some potent dark roasts are. Unfortunately, in addition to being significantly stronger than the average K-cup, it’s also significantly more expensive.

Some buyers have also reported dissatisfaction with the packaging. Apparently, some pods burst or tear open within the Keurig, resulting in a big mess. That taken into consideration, this is still one of the best k-cups if you’re into decaf.

  • Rich flavor without being bitter
  • More caffeinated than average coffee
  • Boutique roasting approach that uses the latest technology
  • Pricey
  • Subpar packaging quality

3. Cinnabon Cinnamon Roll – Best Fancy Flavor K Cup

Cinnabon Classic Cinnamon Roll K-Cup Coffee

It doesn’t really get more classic than Cinnabon, does it? If you want to bring the taste of everyone’s favorite breakfast to your home, this is the way to do it. Cinnabon Classic Cinnamon Roll K-Cup Coffee is made to taste like a cinnamon roll, as much as a cup of coffee can taste like a pastry, anyway.

This certified kosher blend is infused with brown sugar and cinnamon to give it that classic cinnamon roll taste. Additional flavoring even gives the coffee an “icing” taste. Indeed, the biggest selling point here is that you get a classic “Cinnabon” flavor that might make you feel like you’re dining at one of the world’s most popular breakfast franchises.

However, the cinnamon does take the driver’s seat, undermining some of the nuances of the blend. In fact, you could probably produce something similar to this coffee simply by sprinkling some cinnamon into an ordinary cup. Still, if you’re a big Cinnabon fan, this is a great way to start your day.

  • Kosher
  • Tastes like a cinnamon roll
  • Distinct taste from a popular breakfast franchise
  • Cinnamon flavor is a little too prominent

4. Peet’s Coffee Decaf House Blend – Best Decaf K-Cups

Peet's Coffee Decaf House Blend

For people who love coffee but don’t always want the caffeine, we have a decaf blend. The best thing about these pods is that you would never guess they were decaf based strictly on the taste. With low-quality decaf coffee, you generally experience an unimpressive watery flavor. Not so here.

Peet’s Coffee Decaf House Blend is rich and flavorful, maximizing the taste of your coffee. The company extracts the caffeine using a sophisticated water system that makes good use of a high-quality charcoal filter. This is about as good a decaf blend as you can hope for.

There is a bit of a freshness issue. Some cups come across as older or stale. Granted, this isn’t something you’ll experience every time, but it’s a problem that the company should work to address. Some of the packagings is also subpar. Cups leak grounds occasionally, which wastes money and makes a big mess.

These things said, if you want some decaf coffee, there is truly no beating Peet’s House Blend.

  • Rich taste unlike usual decaf coffee
  • Sophisticated process removes caffeine while keeping flavor
  • Subpar packaging
  • Some cups don’t taste fresh

5. Starbucks ‘Pike Place’ Keurig K Cups

Starbucks Pike Place Medium Roast K Cup Coffee Pods

We couldn’t have a list of best coffee pods without throwing in some Starbucks, right? If you’re a fan of this coffee giant, you will appreciate what you find here. The Starbucks Pike Place Medium Roast is a moderate medium roast flavor with mellow “smooth mouth notes” that encourage a relaxing experience.

The blend has undertones of cocoa that enhance the taste of each cup. It’s a great, classic flavor for coffee drinkers who need their java smooth but rich in flavor.

The biggest problem with this blend is that it won’t taste quite like a cup of Pike Place at Starbucks. You just can’t quite replicate that brewhouse flavor with an ordinary Keurig. This leaves some drinkers disappointed, but the flavor notes are still impressive.

  • Smooth taste
  • Notes of cocoa
  • Full-flavored roast
  • Doesn’t quite live up to expectations for Starbucks coffee

6. Caribou Coffee Blend Keurig Pods

Caribou Coffee Blend (Medium Roast) K-Cups

The Caribou Coffee Blend (Medium Roast) is smooth and mild—the perfect choice for coffee lovers looking for a nice mellow drink in the morning.

This is a fruit-forward blend, with sweet notes and a chocolatey aftertaste, making it a good dessert-style coffee. It’s also just a good value pack. This is one of the more affordable packages on our list, making it a good budget option for people who don’t want to spend a ton of money on morning coffee.

One thing to be mindful of is that the fruity chocolatey undertones also contain a hint of bitterness that some medium roast drinkers try to avoid. If you’re casual about your coffee, this might not even be something you pick up on. However, true java nuts might find themselves a little disappointed.

  • Affordable
  • Nice mellow roast
  • Hints of chocolate
  • Bitter aftertaste

7. The Original Donut Shop Coconut Mocha K-Cups

The Original Donut Shop Coconut Mocha K-Cup Pods

The Original Donut Shop Coconut Mocha has long been one of the more popular K-cup flavors on the market. This is a flavored blend with mild hints of coconut and a chocolatey undertone that brings the taste home. Together, the flavors blend in a way that’s reminiscent of German chocolate cake.

Bear in mind that this is a mild blend and the flavors aren’t quite as prominent as you might prefer. That said, the moderate price tag mitigates this problem somewhat.

All in all, this Original Donut Shop blend is a great budget buy to keep in the house when you’re in the mood for something a little sweeter.

  • Affordable
  • Tastes somewhat like German chocolate cake
  • A little milder than some people prefer

8. Peet’s Coffee Major Dickason’s Blend K Cup

Peet's Coffee Major Dickason's Blend (Dark Roast)

Major Dickason’s Blend is one of the most popular signature blends that Peet’s Coffee provides. The coffee is a global mix and includes beans that are found all over the world.

The result is a bold, distinct, richly aromatic flavor that you don’t often see. If you like bold dark roasted coffee, this will be hard to beat. The issues are two-fold. This is one of the pricier blends on the list, but the fresh, high-quality beans will justify the cost for buyers who love their coffee.

The other problem is that this is another coffee that’s often poorly packaged. Many users report getting leaking or exploding cups that make a big mess in the Keurig.

  • Robust full-bodied taste
  • Richly aromatic
  • Pricey
  • Some cups tear or explode

9. Barista Prima Italian Roast Coffee Pods

Barista Prima Coffeehouse Italian Roast Pods

The Barista Prima Coffeehouse Italian Roast features fruity notes and creates a nice smooth drinking experience. There’s also a faint hint of a smoky aftertaste that will be appreciated by drinkers who enjoy a bolder brew.

It does have a strong bitterness that’s somewhat common in dark Italian roasts. Some drinkers like this, but if you don’t, this coffee probably won’t be for you.

Low-quality packaging is once again a major concern here. Some buyers have reported receiving boxes of this coffee in which more than half of the K-cups were defective.

  • Rich dark roast taste
  • Very bitter aftertaste
  • Widespread malfunctioning packages

10. Dunkin’ Donuts Original Blend Keurig K Cups

Dunkin Donuts original blend k cups

We end things with an option that comes directly from one of the most popular coffee brands in the U.S. Dunkin’ Donuts Original Blend Coffee may not be as sophisticated as some of the other options on our list (no fancy flavors or rich histories), but it’s classic and delicious.

The coffee is a little bitter, and we do still see the defective cup problem, but if you want something basic and affordable, this Original Blend will be a great option for you. As we all know, it also pairs well with donuts.

  • Affordable
  • Classic taste
  • A little basic
  • Bitter aftertaste
  • Defective cups

Buyer’s Guide

Now we take a look at a couple of tips that will hopefully make the process of choosing a little bit easier.

The Type of Roast Counts

The type of roast you go with will have a big effect on your drinking experience. Generally speaking, darker roasts are more full-bodied and rich, but they can have a bitter aftertaste. Light roasts are a little smoother, but they can also be somewhat bland.

The medium roast is the happy middle ground. A good medium-roast coffee is going to be smooth and flavorful.

There Are Endless Flavors

Of the ten coffees listed above, there were many different types of flavors, but in the wide world of java, there are even more.

We looked at coffees that taste like cinnamon rolls, and even one that tastes like German chocolate cake. If you want to experiment, the sky is pretty much the limit. Keurig sells dozens of different flavored coffees. It’s never a bad idea to stay stocked up on a few different ones in case you have company over.

Here are some other interesting flavors worth checking out:

Quantity Is Important

If you know that you love one particular K-cup, it’s a good idea to buy in bulk. Not only will this ensure that you are always well-stocked, but it also helps you lock in a better rate for your purchase. For example, if you buy a sixty-count package, it will usually cost less than buying five twelve-counts.

Beware of Exploding Cups

For whatever reason, some coffees are consistently packaged poorly. No matter where you buy from, you’re likely to get the occasional dud. This is especially true when you buy online and your coffee goes through the wear and tear of shipment.

However, if you ever find that many or even most of the cups you get from a certain manufacturer tear or explode, it may be time to buy from someone else. Buyers often complain that customer service isn’t great about replacing defective K-cups, so it’s much simpler to avoid them as much as possible.

Keurig Deals With Companies That Prioritize Ethical Sourcing

If ethical sourcing is important to you, you’ll be happy to know that Keurig works with manufacturers that feel the same way. Companies like Green Mountain make a point of paying their employees fairly. They also work hard to be environmentally conscious in their manufacturing process.

If you want to be sure that the company you buy from engages in these practices, it’s usually as simple as reading the label on the packaging.


Our Keurig K-cup coffee pod reviews are now finished, and the time to decide has arrived. Of course, the taste is subjective, and you’ll ultimately settle on the best K-cups for your taste.

However, if you feel lost, there are a couple of picks featured that should have broad appeal. For instance, if you want a well-rounded light roast that’s smooth but bold, go with our top choice, the Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Breakfast Blend.

On the other hand, if you want a great dark roast, our runner-up choice, the Death Wish Coffee K-Cup Pods, will probably be more to your liking.

Of course, all the coffees on our list are delicious in our own way. As you continue along your journey with the Keurig, you’ll likely try many different coffees. Hopefully, this list serves as a good way to start your collection of K-cups!