Best Nespresso Machines 2019 – Top Picks & Reviews

nespresso machine cupsMaking coffee the traditional way is messy. Too many things to wash and dry after brewing. Some days your brew tastes amazingly good, and on other days you force yourself to down your concoction. And, let’s face it – the lack of variety in flavor is killing your love for coffee one sip at a time. Does any of this sound familiar?

But, what if you could consistently brew delicious coffee in many flavors with little to no clean-up afterward? Well, a Nespresso machine makes all this possible. Thanks to pre-packaged coffee capsules, Nespresso machines offer convenience, variety, and consistency. It’s easier to use and needs less maintenance than other coffee brewers, and it’s more economical too.

So, would you like to know which is the best Nespresso machine for your needs? Well, you’re at the right place. This comprehensive guide provides actionable information on buying a Nespresso machine. But, before we get to that, let’s explore our top 5 Nespresso machine picks.

Comparison Table:

ModelPriceItem WeightUser Rating
Nespresso Citiz D121-US4-BK-NE1
Nespresso Citiz D121-US4-BK-NE1
(Top Pick)

Check Price
13.6 pounds
DeLonghi Silver Lattissima Plus
DeLonghi Silver Lattissima Plus

Check Price
11.9 pounds
Nespresso Pixie
Nespresso Pixie
(Best for the Money)

Check Price
7.2 pounds
Nespresso Inissia
Nespresso Inissia

Check Price
5.3 pounds
Mixpresso Coffee ST-503A
Mixpresso Coffee ST-503A

Check Price
9.3 pounds


In this section, we will introduce you to the five most notable products in this category. On reading the Nespresso machine reviews, you will understand what features and quality standards to expect from machines at various price ranges. Thereafter, you can read the second section to deepen your knowledge by going through the important factors to consider when buying a Nespresso machine. Now, let’s begin with our top pick – The Nespresso Citiz.

5 Best Nespresso Machines 2019 – Our Reviews:

1. Nespresso Citiz D121-US4-BK-NE1 – Our Top Pick

Nespresso Citiz D121-US4-BK-NE1Although you can buy the Nespresso Citiz espresso maker with or without the Aeroccino milk frother, we’ve chosen the model with the integrated frother as our top pick. Even with the frother, this machine has a footprint smaller than a letter-sized sheet of paper. Along with the machine, you get a recipe book and 16 Nespresso Grand Crus capsules.

The water reservoir at the back of the machine holds 34 ounces of water. At the front of the machine, you’ll find the foldable drip tray and the container for catching used capsules. By the way, the machine automatically ejects the used capsules into the container, which can hold 9 to 10 used capsules. Since the drip tray is foldable, you can get it out of the way to accommodate tall cups.

For short cups, there’s a removable platform you can attach to the drip tray. On top of the machine, you will see two buttons: one for espresso and the other for lungo. You can program the volume for both options. The top of the machine also gives you access to the compartment for the capsule. Once everything is in place, press the espresso or lungo button. The machine will do the rest.

If you want an Americano, you can make yourself a lungo and fill the rest of the cup with hot water. And, if you want to make a latte or a cappuccino, you can use the Aeroccino attachment to froth milk. The milk comes out rich, creamy, and at the right temperature. You will love it. Overall, this is a fantastic capsule-based coffee machine.


  • Compact
  • Easy and fast operation
  • Integrated milk frother
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Expensive

2. DeLonghi Silver Lattissima Plus – The Runner-up

DeLonghi Silver Lattissima PlusThe DeLonghi Lattissim Plus is another great coffee maker that uses the Nespresso capsule system. Our top pick, the Nespresso Citiz, and the Lattissim Plus are in the same price range, which is around $270 to $310. The Citiz has an edge over the Lattissim Plus in some regards. However, the Lattissim Plus outshines the Citiz in certain aspects. So, which one is better for you? Let’s find out.

The main advantage of the Lattissim Plus is its automatic milk frothing system. The machine comes with pre-programmed settings for espresso and milk drinks. With the touch of a button, you can brew espresso, latte, or cappuccino. In the Citiz, you should brew the espresso, froth the milk, and pour it. The Lattissim Plus does all this for you.

However, the quality of the froth that the Citiz’s Aeroccino attachment produces is much creamier than the froth that the Lattissim Plus’s auto-frother produces. So, it’s a question of quality versus convenience. Also, the Citiz’s milk frother is easier to clean and maintain than the Lattissim Plus’s carafe and wand system.
In every other respect, such as ease of use, water reservoir size, programmability, and footprint, the two machines are fairly alike. So, here’s the deal – if you drink a lot of milk drinks and less of espresso, buy the Lattissim Plus. If your preference is the other way around, buy the Citiz.


  • One-touch milk drinks
  • Automatic milk frother
  • Easy to use
  • Medium-quality froth

3. Nespresso Pixie – Best For The Money

Nespresso PixieThe Nespresso Pixie is the ideal find for people searching for a budget-friendly Nespresso capsule coffee maker. The Pixie costs a little less than half as much as the Lattissim Plus and the Citiz do. However, the Pixie is only half as capable as our top two products. But, this limitation may actually work in your favor. Continue reading to learn more.

One of the main limitations of the Pixie is that it cannot froth milk. But, let’s keep that problem aside for a moment and explore the advantages of this machine. To start with, the Pixie occupies very little horizontal counter space. It’s also light, yet well-built. It has a 24-ounce water reservoir, which is enough for a machine of this size.

The container for holding used capsules holds 10 capsules. So, you don’t have to empty it every day. Like the Citiz, the Pixie also has a foldable dip tray for accommodating tall cups. In fact, the Pixie is very similar to the Citiz, minus the Aeroccino frother and the 34-ounce water tank.

Now, let’s revisit the issue of this machine not having a milk frother. Well, if you’re an espresso-only type of person, this is not a problem for you. So, you can go ahead and take advantage of the significant price difference. However, if you like milk drinks, you should purchase a separate milk frother, which may cost you $50 to $100.


  • Economical
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Stylish and durable
  • No milk frother

4. Nespresso Inissia

Nespresso InissiaFor those who seek even better economy, Nespresso presents the Inissia. It costs around $100 and shares many of its core features with more expensive models. Like the Nespresso Citiz and the Pixie, the Inissia also has a 19-bar pump and one-touch brewing function for espresso and lungo. And, the shot volume for both the drinks is user programmable.

The 24-ounce water tank is of the same size as the water tank on the Pixie. The capacity of the container for holding used capsules is the same in Citiz, Pixie, and Inissia. But, the Inissia is the most compact of them all. So, with so many features in common with pricier models, why isn’t buying the Inissia a no-brainer?

Well, the difference between these machines becomes most apparent when you contrast their external shells. The proportion of metal parts to plastic increases as you move from the Inissia to the Pixie and from Pixie to Citiz. So, you’re sacrificing durability for economy. Fortunately, they did not shortchange anything that affects the taste.

The Inissia is the #1 bestseller on Amazon and has hundreds of favorable reviews. So, with its popularity, cost, and capability considered, the Inissia is a good option. But, just be careful and don’t drop it.


  • Cheap
  • #1 bestseller on Amazon
  • Hundreds of favorable reviews
  • Not durable
  • No milk frother

5. Mixpresso Coffee ST-503A – A Budget Option

Mixpresso Coffee ST-503AThe Mixpresso ST-503A is a low-cost Nespresso compatible coffee machine. It costs less than $100 and has many features in common with machines that cost more. For instance, the water tank on this model has almost the same capacity as the Nespresso Inissia and Pixie. And, the container for holding used capsules can carry 10 to 12 used capsules.

You can make espresso or lungo on this machine. The shot volume for both drinks is user programmable. So far, the ST-503A sounds like a great deal, right? Well, the features are good. But, the way the model is put together is not. The construction doesn’t feel durable and sturdy. When you turn the machine on, the plate where you rest your cup begins to vibrate.

Also, if you don’t insert the Nespresso capsule carefully, it can slip through the chamber that holds it. Then, you should salvage it from the container for used capsules. However, these are the usual things one expects from a low-cost model. Fortunately, the model delivers a tasty brew of espresso.

Now, this machine is right for temporary situations. For example, imagine you’re living in an apartment with a small kitchen, and you plan to move to a bigger apartment after a year. In such a situation, a cheap machine like the Mixpresso ST-503A will work well for you. But, if you want something durable, you should stretch your budget.


  • Very cheap
  • Good features
  • Not durable
  • No milk frother

Choosing The Right One For Your Needs:

In this section, we will share crucial insights that will help you choose a Nespresso machine that’s perfect for your budget and purpose.
We will begin by checking whether buying a Nespresso machine is the right move to make. If you’re still on board with buying one, you can read about primary and secondary factors to consider when making your decision. Lastly, we will point you to some notable brands in this category.
At the end of reading this article, you will have all the information and understanding you need to act immediately with clarity and certainty. So, if you’re ready to make informed choices, and not impulsive ones, let’s get started.

Should I buy a Nespresso machine?

In all purchases, you exchange money for value. You’re happy when you get more value than what you paid. When the opposite happens, you feel dissatisfied. So, let’s go through how you stand to gain from buying a Nespresso machine.

  • Ease of Use: Nespresso machines are built for convenience. Most machines have only two buttons: one for espresso and the other for lungo. After you insert the capsule and press one of the buttons, you get a cup of espresso within a minute.
  • Low Maintenance: Once your espresso is ready, the machine ejects the used capsule into a container. The drip tray catches any stray drips or spills. You’ll need to empty the container and drip tray every two or three days. You should also occasionally descale the machine. These are the only maintenance tasks involved.
  • Economical: A high-end Nespresso machine costs between $270 and $320. But, you can buy a good one for $150 to $200. If you’re on a very limited budget, a few good-quality low-cost options are also available.
    Now, here are some reasons that rule against buying a Nespresso machine.
  • Running Cost: Nespresso machines prepare only a single serving at a time and each serving costs around 50 to 80 cents. So, assuming you’re a family of four and each person drinks three serves every day, you’re spending between $180 and $288 every month.
  • No Control: While Nespresso capsules come in a large number of flavors, you have no control over grind size, dose, temperature, and brewing time. If you want to brew coffee like a barista, a semi-automatic provides more control than Nespresso machines do.
  • Average Taste: Coffee tastes best when it is brewed from freshly ground beans. With Nespresso machines, the coffee comes pre-packaged. So, it will never taste as good as coffee made by machines with a built-in grinder.

Based on the points for and against the Nespresso machine, you should choose whether it is the right equipment to satiate your love for coffee. At this point, if you’re leaning towards buying one, we’ll spend some time examining the important factors to consider before buying a Nespresso machine.

What are the critical factors I should consider when buying a Nespresso machine?

Smart buyers always weigh how their options fare relative to one another based on a few critical factors. For Nespresso machines, the factors worth comparing are as follows:

  • Water Reservoir: A customary US cup measures 8 ounces. Assuming you make three cups a day, a 24-ounce water reservoir will last a day. Using this relationship, match the capacity of the water reservoir to your consumption in a way that you don’t have to refill the tank more than two times a day.
  • Speed: When you turn a Nespresso machine on, it draws water into its heater and brings the water to brewing temperature. This process takes about three minutes. Then, the machine pours the brew within 30 to 60 seconds. Thus, your first serving is ready within four minutes. Now, the second cup will not take this much time. But, it will still take about two minutes. So, keep the downtime in mind.
  • Programmability: Nespresso machines don’t offer much programmability. But, most of the good ones allow you to program the volume for espresso and lungo. Changing the volume gives you some control over the strength. So, this is an important feature to have.
  • Footprint: These machines are generally compact. But, still, you should make sure there’s enough space available near a rated power outlet to accommodate the machine. If not, you will have to move the machine between storage and use. If that’s the case, you should identify a proper place for storing the machine as well.
  • Waste Management: The Nespresso machine automatically ejects the used capsule into a container. The container’s capacity and your rate of consumption determine how often you should empty it. So, a container that can hold 9 to 10 used capsules requires emptying every three days, again assuming you brew three cups a day.

The points we’ve discussed just now will help you eliminate a majority of options before you. Among the products that are still left standing, you need additional points of comparison to select that product which is ideal for you in most, if not every, regards.

Is there anything else I should pay attention to?

The points that follow will help you fine tune your selection. So, here’s what you can get really picky about:

  • Cost: The cost of a Nespresso machine varies from time to time and from seller to seller. So, identify the best time and place to buy the machine.
  • Construction: As the cost of the machine increases, the number of metal parts increases. More metal parts translate to more durability.
  • Service: Before you buy a machine, ask yourself, “Where do I need to take this machine to get it fixed?” If you have a particular brand’s service center close to you, it is an added advantage. But, if you have to ship the damaged unit for repairs, it’s a disadvantage.
  • Warranty: The length of the warranty cover is an indicator of the manufacturer’s confidence in its product. So, you can use this as a metric for measuring the build quality of a Nespresso machine. At the same time, make sure the warranty policy is user-friendly.
  • Appearance: This is perhaps the last point you should consider. But, it is still relevant. After you narrow your options using all the factors we’ve discussed so far, you can pick the one which is prettier.

Using the primary and secondary considerations, you can identify, buy, and enjoy a Nespresso machine that suits your budget and meets your requirements. So, congratulations! You have the intel. Now, it’s time to take action.

What are my options?

Right now, you have two options. The first option is that you go back to our top 5 Nespresso machine picks and choose a product from there. This is the easy way. But, if you want more options, you can do your own research.

While scouting for products on your own, use the information in this section to eliminate and to select the best Nespresso machine for your needs. To accelerate the process, we recommend you review the line of products from Nespresso and DeLonghi.


In summary, we would like to stress that the Nespresso machine is not just another shiny kitchen equipment. It solves real and relevant problems such as inconsistency in taste, the inconvenience of maintenance, and lack of variety in flavor. At the same time, the machine has limitations as well. For leveraging the benefits of variety, convenience, and one-time economy, you should sacrifice control and long-term economy.

Through the reviews of Nespresso machines and the factors to consider when buying a Nespresso machine, you can decide with certainty whether the compromise is worth it. And, right now, if you’re sure that the benefits outweigh the tradeoffs, applying what you’ve learned here will lead you to a satisfactory purchase.