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Best Pour Over Coffee Makers 2020 – Reviews & Buying Guide

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At its most basic, the pour over coffee technique is just you, a filter, a mug, and freshly ground coffee. It’s one of the best ways to get a richer, bolder cup of coffee. You can control many aspects of your coffee, depending on the way the beans are ground, the way the water is poured, and the type of filter used.

The method may be simple, but having the right equipment can make your life easier and give you the end result of a perfect cup of coffee. There are a lot of choices out there for quality pour over coffee makers, but we’ve narrowed it down to the ten best. There’s a pour-over coffee maker on the list for everyone, so read on to find the best one for you.

Our Favorite Picks Compared (Updated in 2020)

ModelPriceWarrantyEditor Rating
Bodum Pour Over Coffee MakerBodum Pour Over Coffee Maker with Permanent Filter(Best Overall)
Check Price
1 year4.8/5
Hario V60 Ceramic Coffee Dripper
Hario V60 Ceramic Coffee Dripper

Check Price
No warranty4.6/5
Melitta 6-Cup Pour Over BrewerMelitta 6-Cup Pour Over Brewer(Best Value)
Check Price
3 months4.5/5
Chemex Classic Series
Chemex Classic Series Pour Over Glass Coffee Maker

Check Price
No warranty4.4/5
OXO Brew Single Serve
OXO Brew Single Serve Pour Over Coffee Dripper

Check Price
Limited lifetime warranty4.2/5

The 10 Best Pour-Over Coffee Makers

1. Bodum Pour Over Coffee Maker – Best Overall

Bodum Pour Over Coffee Maker with Permanent Filter

Bodum’s Pour Over Coffee Maker has a lot going for it. It has a permanent filter made of stainless steel, so you don’t have to worry about buying more (and contributing to more waste). This allows the natural oils of the coffee beans to pass through, giving your coffee a richer taste. It’s also easy to clean and durable, being made of heat-resistant glass. It comes in three different sizes (17, 34, and 51 ounces), which is great if you want to make more than just a cup for yourself. It’s also attractive, with options for the grip around the neck to be made of cork or silicone.

The only problem is that the grip–either the silicone or cork–can be difficult to put on, which can be a real problem for people who have arthritis or other joint issues.

  • Permanent stainless steel filter
  • Easy to clean
  • Cork or silicone band
  • Available in three sizes
  • Made of durable glass
  • Silicone grip can be difficult to put on properly

2. Hario V60 Ceramic Pour-Over Coffee Brewer

Hario V60 Ceramic Coffee Dripper

The Japanese nailed it with the simple Hario V60 Ceramic Coffee Dripper. It’s made of high-quality porcelain, which retains heat well and looks great. There are various style options for this design, including glass, plastic, and metal, but we recommend the ceramic for its durability and heat retention. It comes in three sizes: size 01, which is for one to two cups, size 02 for one to four cups, and size 03 for one to six cups. We recommend the size 02 to give the dripper more room to work without spilling over.

The only issues are that the beautiful ceramic must be hand-washed, and you have to use paper filters. Using disposable filters is a negative for some as it creates more waste, and paper will filter out the oils from the coffee.

  • Various style options
  • Available in three sizes
  • Simple design
  • Durable and retains heat
  • High-quality porcelain
  • Ceramic must be hand-washed
  • Paper filters

3. Melitta 6-Cup Pour Over Coffee Brewer – Best Value

Melitta 6-Cup Pour Over Brewer

If you’re on a budget, the Melitta 6-Cup Pour Over Brewer is the best choice because it’s not only inexpensive, but incredibly simple to use. There are only three parts: the glass carafe, the plastic cone that holds your coffee grounds, and the paper filter. Having so few parts means it’s easy to clean, and they’re even dishwasher safe. Because it’s so compact, it’s ideal for kitchens with limited counter space.

It uses paper filters, which may or may not be a problem. It’s certainly convenient to be able to use any type of coffee filter readily available at the store. The glass carafe doesn’t have any insulating qualities, so even though it holds six cups of coffee, it won’t keep it hot for long.

  • Compact and easy to use
  • Only three parts
  • Large carafe
  • Dishwasher safe and easy to clean
  • Great for kitchens with limited counter space
  • Uses paper filters
  • Carafe won’t keep your coffee hot for long

4. Chemex Pour-Over Glass Coffee Maker

Chemex Classic Series Pour Over Glass Coffee Maker

Chemex is a popular choice for pour over coffee for many reasons, but arguably the most compelling is that its design is beautiful. Some coffee makers are purely utilitarian, but the Chemex Classic Series will look elegant in any kitchen. The glass is also extremely durable, and you can even place it on a glass stovetop or gas flame at low heat to keep your coffee hot. It’s dishwasher safe, so cleanup is easy. With a variety of available sizes, you can be sure to have the right amount of coffee, whether it’s just for you or to share.

The Chemex does have a learning curve, however, and this isn’t the simplest pour over coffee maker to use. It takes time to figure out exactly how to brew a perfect cup for you, and it’s not the fastest method either. It’s also a bit pricey, certainly more than many of the other pour-over coffee makers on the list.

See also: our favorite coffee grinder for brewing Chemex coffee.

  • Beautiful design
  • Can be placed over low heat to keep coffee warm
  • Made of durable glass
  • Easy to clean
  • Available in a variety of sizes
  • Learning curve to use it properly
  • Expensive

5. OXO Brew Single Serve Pour Over Coffee Dripper

OXO Brew Single Serve Pour Over Coffee Dripper

If you balk at the idea of having to stand there in the morning and slowly pour hot water over your coffee, but you love the superior taste of the pour over method, the OXO Brew Single Serve was made for you. It has an auto-drip water tank, so all you have to do is add hot water. The holes for the water to flow into the coffee grounds are drilled in such a way that the water is distributed consistently and evenly. The water tank is equipped with measurement markings to make it even easier for you to know how much water to add. It’s easy to use, compact, and inexpensive.

Even though the auto-drip water tank allows you to set up your coffee and let it brew, you still need to take the time to let your coffee bloom first–it won’t do that initial step for you. It also only comes in one size, which may not be enough for some coffee drinkers.

  • Auto-drip water tank
  • Precise hole pattern distributes water evenly
  • Measurement markings on the tank
  • Easy to use
  • Compact
  • Inexpensive
  • One size
  • You still need to make sure the coffee blooms  

6. Melitta Pour Over Coffee Maker & Filter Set

Melitta Pour Over Coffee Cone Brewer and Filter Set

The Melitta Pour Over is what people think of when you talk about pour over coffee brewing: just a filter and the brewing cone. It couldn’t be simpler with this cone brewer and filter set. The cone fits over your existing mugs, and it uses filters you can buy in any store. Because it only consists of two parts, it’s very portable and won’t take up much room in your kitchen. It’s also inexpensive and simple to use.

On the downside, this will only make a single cup of coffee at a time. Although the design is light and portable, it’s also flimsy. It’s easy to knock it off your mug, which has the potential for nasty coffee burns.

  • Plastic brew cone fits many sizes of mugs
  • Easy to use and store
  • Inexpensive
  • Very portable
  • Single-cup brew
  • Flimsy and light 

7. Coffee Gator Pour-Over Coffee Brewer

Coffee Gator Pour Over Brewer

The Coffee Gator Pour Over Brewer is a great option if you’re short on space and want a simple design. Not only is it compact, but it comes with a fine mesh stainless steel filter. That means you don’t have to buy paper filters, which might take up precious space in your kitchen. It’s available in a few size options, which is great if you like more than one cup of coffee in the morning, or if you want to make enough to share. Coffee Gator also has amazing customer service. It replaces products quickly, with no hassle.

It’s a good thing the customer service is good, because the glass carafe is fragile. It doesn’t take much to break it, so its durability isn’t great. Even though it’s compact, it wouldn’t be a good portable option because it can’t hold up to the rigors of travel.

  • Permanent stainless steel filter
  • Great customer service
  • Available in a few size options
  • Compact size
  • Glass carafe is fragile
  • Not very durable
  • Would not be good for travel

8. Wolecok Collapsible Pour Over Coffee Maker

Wolecok Silicone Collapsible Coffee Filter and Camping Coffee Dripper Cone

If you need a pour over brewer for camping or other outdoor travel, the Wolecok is the best option for you. It’s lightweight, compact, and collapsible, so it won’t take up any room in your backpack, tent, or RV. The silicone makes it very easy to clean, and it comes in a variety of bright colors. It’s easy to use with paper filters and your favorite travel mug.

It’s small, though. It’ll only make a single cup of coffee. The collapsible design also makes it flimsy, and the silicone can sometimes have an unappealing smell and taste.

  • Collapsible and compact
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Suitable for outdoors, travel and office
  • Easy to use
  • Variety of colors available
  • Only makes a single cup
  • Flimsy
  • Silicone smell and taste

9. Hario Woodneck Drip Pot Pour Over Coffeemaker

Hario Woodneck Drip Pot

The Hario Woodneck is another pour over brewer that will look fantastic in your kitchen, with a simple but elegant design. It has an unusual element in that it uses a cloth filter, which is great because you don’t have to buy paper filters. It works best with bringing out the rich, bold flavors in dark roasts, so if that’s your coffee of choice, you should consider it. It’s easy to use and has few parts.

If you prefer lighter roasts, this isn’t the coffee brewer for you, as the cloth filter won’t bring out the subtle notes of the coffee. The filter also requires special care and storage (rinsing it thoroughly and storing it in the refrigerator), which can be a hassle for some to do daily. It’s also on the pricier side.

  • Stylish
  • Cloth filter
  • Best choice for dark roasts
  • Easy to use
  • Cloth filter requires special care
  • Not great for light roasts
  • A little pricey

10. Cuisinart Pour-Over Coffee Brewer

Cuisinart Pour Over Coffee Brewer

If you love the idea of pour over coffee, but you want an automated brewer, the Cuisinart Pour Over might be a good choice for you. It’s fully automated, and it has a unique process that mimics the manual method of pour over coffee. It’s fully programmable, with flavor strength control and temperature control, and there’s even a brew pause button. It comes with two carafe options: thermal or stainless steel.

It sounds ideal, but there are a few major issues. One is that it’s the most expensive choice on the list. The display also dims over time, making it difficult or impossible to see all those programmable choices. The durability of this brewer isn’t great, as all those electronic components make it prone to breaking easily. It also has very loud alerts that the coffee is finished–not a great feature when you’re making coffee early in the morning.

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  • Automated
  • Unique process mimics manual method of making pour over coffee
  • Reusable stainless steel filter
  • Flavor strength and temperature programming choices
  • Brew pause
  • Two carafe options
  • Expensive
  • Electronic display dims over time
  • Not very durable
  • Loud alerts that coffee is finished

Factors To Consider When Choosing

The beauty of the pour over coffee method is that it’s simple, but still allows you to control many aspects of brewing coffee so you can make the perfect cup. We’ve given you a list of our favorites, but it helps to know exactly what you’re looking for in a pour over brewer.

Here are a few things to take note of when you’re on the hunt for a pour-over coffee maker.

Size of brewer

This will be a big selling point for you, especially if you tend to drink more than one cup of coffee in the morning. It can add a lot to your morning routine to have to make numerous cups of coffee using the pour over brewing method, so if you drink more than 10 ounces of coffee in the morning, look at pour over coffee makers with a bigger capacity.

Type of filter

Do you like the familiarity of paper filters? With a paper filter, the flavor of the coffee will be affected, but that can be a good thing. It tends to make the coffee taste smoother and brighter.

Do you prefer something that allows the natural oils of the coffee to produce a bolder flavor, as is the case with a metal filter? Maybe you’d also prefer a filter that is reusable and produces no waste.

Cloth filters are another option. Even though they’re not completely waste-free–you do have to replace them after a few uses–they do produce far less waste than paper filters. They prevent even tiny amounts of coffee grounds from contaminating your cup, but they allow the oils to slip through, producing coffee that’s smooth and crisp.

Once you’ve decided on the type of filter that produces the coffee you love most, checking out the type of filter used on each pour-over coffee maker will help you decide which one is best for you.

Materials used

What you’d ultimately like to use your coffee maker for (other than making coffee) influences what type of pour-over brewer is best for you. If you’ll be taking it camping, you shouldn’t choose one made of glass. Silicone or plastic is much more durable and lightweight. If you want a beautiful design that looks great in your kitchen, glass or ceramics might be a better fit. And if you need your coffee to stay hot longer, look at makers with an insulated carafe.

Simplicity of design

At its most basic, the pour over brewing method is just a filter, high-quality coffee grounds, and hot water. This simplicity and ease of use is part of the appeal of this brewing method. The design of the pour over coffee maker should reflect that.

More Pour-Over Equipment

We’ve also reviewed more equipment that relates to pour-over coffee brewing. Here are our most popular ones:

Final Thoughts

The Bodum Pour Over Coffee Maker with Permanent Filter is our top choice because it can accommodate almost everyone’s needs when it comes to the best pour over brewer. It comes in various sizes, it’s durable, and it’s got an attractive design. The permanent filter cuts down on waste and produces a rich, bold cup of coffee.

If you’re on a tight budget, our best for the money pick is a great choice. The Melitta 6-Cup Pour Over Brewer has the simple design that coffee lovers are searching for in a pour over brewer, and it’s compact enough to fit in any kitchen. Because it has a six-cup capacity, you don’t have to worry about having to make numerous small cups of coffee in the morning. You can make it once and save time for other, more important things.

We hope this list and buying guide have helped you narrow down your choices for best pour over coffee makers, so you can find the one for your needs and start brewing!