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Best Pumpkin Spice Coffee Brands – Reviews & Top Picks 2020

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Everyone loves pumpkin spice, so you can certainly imagine how much fun we had scouring the market for the best seasonal coffee blends. We experimented with dozens of different coffees and narrowed our list down to the five best options out there.

We evaluated the blends that we saw based on several important criteria. The coffees with the best flavor profiles found their way to the top of our list. However, we also looked for blends that were fragrant, well-packaged, and high in value. You can rest assured that our pumpkin spice flavored coffee reviews represent only the very best choices available.

The Winners of 2020

ModelPriceRoastEditor Rating
Lifeboost Pumpkin Spice
Lifeboost Pumpkin Spice(Top Choice)

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Volcanica Pumpkin Spice
Volcanica Pumpkin Spice(Best Ground Coffee)

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Boston's Best CoffeeBoston’s Best Coffee Roasters Pumpkin Spice Ground Coffee (Great Value)
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Pumpkin Spice Flavored Coffee
Pumpkin Spice Flavored Coffee

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The Bean Coffee Company Organic
The Bean Coffee Company Organic Pumpkin Spice

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The 5 Best Pumpkin Spice Coffees

1. Lifeboost Pumpkin Spice – Best Overall

Lifeboost Pumpkin Spice

The best pumpkin spice coffee we were lucky enough to try was Lifeboost’s Pumpkin Spice. The flavor is smooth and balanced, with enough nutmeg, cinnamon, and cloves to make you feel like it’s autumn — whether or not it actually is.

Though the pumpkin spice flavor is strong, this coffee doesn’t have any extra calories or sugar. That’s because it’s naturally flavored with extracts and essential oils.

Keep in mind that it’s also one of the more expensive options here. This is likely because of the quality of the beans, which are Fair Trade, Organic, and pesticide-free. Still, if you want the best of the best, you’ve got to be willing to pay for it.

  • Smooth, balanced, and full of spices
  • Naturally flavored, with no added calories or sugar
  • Fair Trade, Organic, and pesticide-free
  • Fairly pricey
  • Less attractive packaging

2. Volcanica Pumpkin Spice — Best Ground Coffee

Volcanica Pumpkin Spice

Volcanica’s Pumpkin Spice is another delicious option, and best of all, this seasonal variety is available all year round! These medium-roast beans come in whole bean or three pre-ground sizes (drip, espresso, and French press), making them a great choice if you prefer ground coffee.

This coffee is a lighter blend that will please people who want a mellow cup of coffee. The medium roast allows the pumpkin spice flavors to really stand out, enhancing your ability to get in the spirit of the season. Plus, the more affordable price tag makes it a compelling alternative to our top choice.

Though the flavor is not quite as rich or pronounced as that of the Lifeboost blend, Volcanica’s Pumpkin Spice is still very tasty and could be a good option if your budget’s a little tighter.

  • Reasonably-priced
  • Medium roast enhances pumpkin spice flavors
  • Choice of whole bean or three grind sizes
  • Mellow, rich flavor
  • Not as flavorful as our top choice

3. Boston’s-Best Pumpkin Spice Coffee – Great Value

Boston's Best Coffee Roasters Pumpkin Spice Ground Coffee

If you like high-quality coffee at a low price, you will love our best for the money pick, Boston’s Best Coffee Roasters Pumpkin Spice Ground Coffee. It’s a pretty simple blend, but in the simplicity, drinkers find lots of value and taste that they are sure to appreciate.

The coffee is roasted in small batches to prioritize the flavor, and the bag is specially sealed to ensure freshness over long periods of time. We did notice that the packaging may rip over the course of regular use, but assuming yours doesn’t, you can count on a quality flavor for the indefinite future.

Though the flavoring isn’t quite as strong as the gourmet blends featured here, it’s a good coffee that buyers on a budget will truly love.

  • Best for the money
  • Small batch roasting
  • Vacuum-sealed for freshness
  • Bag may rip during normal course of use
  • Not as flavorful as other options

4. Fall In Love Pumpkin Spice Flavored Coffee

Pumpkin Spice Flavored Coffee

Our second-to-last choice is going to be great for buyers who like to grind their own coffee. It’s a bag of whole beans, which means you can enjoy the enhanced freshness and a customized approach to the level of coarseness you choose for the blend. Of course, the downside is that if you do not have a grinder, you will not be able to use these beans at all.

The beans are medium roasted, which promotes a mild flavor. The pumpkin spice is then able to stand out better. In fact, if anything, the pumpkin flavor may be a little too overpowering.

The company makes a point of guaranteeing freshness by packaging the beans immediately after they are roasted. It also features a satisfaction guarantee, so if you don’t love the coffee, you can get your money back. Just keep in mind that it is a fairly pricey coffee that budget buyers probably are not going to go for.

  • Specially packaged to enhance freshness
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Pumpkin spice flavor is a little strong
  • Cannot be used without bean grinder
  • Somewhat pricey

5. The Bean Coffee Company Organic Pumpkin-Spice Coffee

The Bean Coffee Company Organic Pumpkin Spice

The Bean Coffee Company closes out our list. Its Organic Pumpkin Spice blend is going to be great for buyers who like to keep things as natural as possible. Unfortunately, the organic element is probably its biggest selling point.

It’s not that the coffee is bad per se; it’s simply that it does not stand up very well to the other options on our list. The packaging is very delicate, the flavor profile is somewhat lacking, and the price is not enticing enough to make you choose it over other options on our list. For the same amount of money, you may be able to find something with less baggage.

  • Organic
  • Very delicate packaging
  • Low-value option
  • Mediocre flavor profile

Buyer’s Guide

What makes a delicious pumpkin spice coffee? Flavor, freshness, and value for money are all major considerations. Keep reading for our quick buying tips.


First and foremost, you’ll want a coffee with a flavor you love. Think about your favorite spices and coffees. Do you love strong spices, or do you prefer a lightly flavored coffee? Compare your preferences to each variety’s description.

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Coffee has the most flavor just after it’s roasted, so you’ll want to look for recently roasted beans. The best coffee companies package and seal their beans just after roasting and grinding them. This seals in the freshness, ensuring that you’ll get the best flavor out of your pumpkin spice coffee grounds.


How much are you willing to spend? If pumpkin spice coffee is a special fall treat for you, you may be willing to spend a bit more for the best quality. If you drink it regularly, you may prefer a coffee with a more everyday price. When you’re considering the value offered by a coffee brand, keep in mind that bag sizes can vary quite a bit, from 11 ounces to 16 or more. The lowest price may not be the best deal.


Now that you’ve read our pumpkin spice flavored coffee reviews, let’s zero in on the perfect blend for you. If our list has yet to help you make a final choice, there are a couple of options that might be helpful.

Our top choice, the Lifeboost Pumpkin Spice, is going to be perfect for people who won’t mind paying more money to get a great cup of coffee. If you prefer pre-ground coffee, take a look at Volcanica’s Pumpkin Spice, a tasty variety available in three grind sizes. Budget a little tighter? You can also get good coffee for a real steal by choosing our best for the money pick, the Boston’s Best Coffee Roasters Pumpkin Spice Ground Coffee.

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