4 Effective Coffee Filter Substitutes Found in Your Home

coffee filter

You just woke up, you’re super tired, and you want some coffee to help get you alert and active. You wander over to your coffee maker and realize that you forgot to buy coffee filters at the store the other day. Oh no! Immediate disappointment ensues. This isn’t how you wanted to start the day. […]

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Why is Coffee Called “Joe”? A Quick Explanation

lungo coffee

When someone asks us if we have had a “cup of Joe” this morning, it typically reminds us to get our caffeine boost. But have you ever wondered where this phrase came from? It’s a common phrase used by most of the American population, especially coffee drinkers. There are actually many theories behind the origin […]

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How to Make Espresso Without an Espresso Machine

a real espresso shot

Lots of people love espresso. It’s a very common coffee drink to love by itself or in the numerous other cafe drinks made from espresso. Unfortunately, not all of us espresso lovers have the option of buying an espresso machine to enjoy our favorite caffeine punch at home. Don’t you think it’s time to change […]

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How You Should React If Your Cat or Dog Drinks Some Coffee

how you should react if your cat or dog drinks some coffee

Your cat or dog ingested caffeine. As a pet owner, this is a frightening scenario and one for which you might not be equipped. Don’t panic. In this article, we examine what happens when a pet gets into caffeine. We also explain how you can best respond if this startling scenario manifests itself. Is Caffeine […]

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Best Keurig Coffee Makers 2019 – Top Picks & Reviews

a Keurig K-Cup Pod Coffee Maker

To find the best Keurig coffee makers, we were put in the fortunate position of getting to sample the wide market. During our tasty taste tests, we looked for and found some of the best coffee brewers on the market. The criteria for the guide found below were several-fold. First and foremost, we searched for […]

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Best Chai Latte K Cups 2019 – Flavors Reviewed & Buyer’s Guide

a chai latte

Chai latte is a pretty complicated specialty drink that blends a spiced tea with steamed milk to create something best savored, not pounded down because you need a jolt of caffeine. Brewing it from a K-cup is a great way to make chai latte if you don’t have the know-how or equipment to make it […]

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Should Kids Be Allowed To Drink Coffee? What are the Disadvantages?

coffee beans

If you’re a coffee lover with little ones, you might’ve faced the dilemma of them asking to have coffee when you think they might be too young. Kids naturally want what their parents have, or they want to do what they see their parents doing. If you sip a mug of coffee pretty often, chances […]

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Best Thermal Coffee Mugs 2019 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

a thermal coffee mug

People who are always on the go need their coffee to get each day started. If you have a commute to work or school, you may not have enough time to sit down, relax, and enjoy a fresh cup before you leave. That’s where thermal coffee mugs come in. Travel mugs are more convenient for […]

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Best BPA-Free Coffee Makers 2019 – Top Picks & Reviews

a BPA free coffee maker

BPA is a chemical that hardens plastic, so what harm can it do to the human body? For that reason, BPA-free appliances are becoming more and more common. The question is: is one better than another? We have reviewed quite a few BPA-free coffee makers and made a list of eight that we think will […]

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Best 6 Cup Coffee Makers 2019 – Top Picks & Reviews

a 6 cup coffee maker

If you need your daily dose of caffeine to get going in the morning, then you know the importance of getting the right coffee machine. The wrong model means you’ll spend extra time preparing your coffee, slowing your whole day down. Worse, it could mean that you end up with coffee you don’t like. Unfortunately, […]

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