Coffeevac Coffee Container Review

coffeevac review

Coffeevac – A Quick Look Easy to Use We tried this out to see just how easy it is to use, and it’s as simple as it looks. Press the button on the cap and pull it up. Pressing the button releases the vacuum. Add your dry goods, place the cap on the container, and […]

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What Are the 7 Most Popular Coffee Flavors?

cups of coffee

The world of coffee is supersaturated with different flavor options. Each is suited not just for unique individuals, but also for different situations. Like fine wine, coffee can be paired with special events, meals, or even times of day depending on your preferences. The purpose of our list is to put the spotlight on some […]

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What Is Coffee Bloom and Why Does It Matter?

Coffee blooming

Assuming your group of friends includes a person who loves coffee, perhaps you’ve heard the term, “coffee blooming.” It’s a lovely phrase, really, and once you understand what it is, you’ll see that its physical action is as beautiful as its name. It will also help you brew better cups of coffee, as coffee bloom […]

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7 Surprising Ways to Add Extra Flavor to Your Coffee

A flavored cup of coffee

Even though milk and sugar are normal additives to coffee in the U.S., other countries enjoy adding different flavors to coffee. Cinnamon in Mexico, lemon juice in Portugal, and a blend of spices in Morocco — these are just a few things people around the world add to their coffee. If you love flavored coffee, […]

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Can You Eat Coffee Beans?

coffee beans pile

Perhaps you’re running out the door with no time to brew a fresh pot, perhaps you’ve just been given an intriguing bag of beans and you can hardly wait to try a little bit, or perhaps you’re just curious. Whatever the reasoning, if you find yourself wondering about eating coffee beans, you’ve come to the […]

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The Ultimate Coffee Grind Size Chart – How Fine Should You Grind?

Coarse to Fine Coffee Grind Size

If you’re just getting deeper into coffee brewing, you may be feeling overwhelmed by grind size. What kind of grind is best for French press, espresso, or cold brew? You may be tempted to buy pre-ground beans instead of learning how to grind your beans at home. But don’t worry, you won’t need to resort […]

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How To Make Matcha Latte at Home

Matcha Finished Product

If you’re not familiar with matcha latte, this delightful drink is a Japanese-inspired latte with a base of matcha tea and lightly sweetened milk. While it may look like plain green tea, matcha is a finely ground powder of specially grown and harvested leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant native to Asia. It’s a popular […]

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How To Make Iced Latte at Home

Iced Latte Half Full

Coffee in the morning is a worldwide tradition. Nothing beats the feeling of nice, crisp morning air followed by a hot cup of the world’s most popular beverage. To some, the enjoyment is specifically because the coffee is hot — it’s what wakes them up, invigorates them. During the heat of the summer, the boiling […]

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How To Make Piccolo Coffee at Home

Piccolo Coffee Served

Think small but stout. The basis of a piccolo is a ristretto, which is a concentrated short shot of espresso. Made with the same amount of coffee and half the amount of water, it’s about 20 milliliters, or less than half an ounce. Interestingly, you may expect the concentrated flavor to taste bitter. However, with […]

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Why Mormons Don’t Drink Coffee

Coffee Banned

In the history of the world, coffee has had a certain place in religion. Sometimes, coffee and religion don’t mix well, as is the case with Mormonism. Perhaps you did not know that Mormons don’t drink coffee or at least, not the reason they don’t. So, let’s start with a little history … One Fateful […]

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