Kokekaffe: A Look at Norway’s Steeped Coffee

How to make cowboy coffee

If you’re not Norwegian, chances are you’re not familiar with the tradition of Kokekaffe. But if you like full-bodied coffee, maybe you should be! It’s an easy way to brew coffee on the go and produces a unique cup of joe. Kokekaffe is something like cowboy coffee: a rough and tumble preparation method that results […]

21 Different Types of Espresso Drinks

Types of espresso drinks

You may think you already know the types of espresso drinks, but there are quite a few variations, including drinks from all over the world. Starting with a basic espresso shot, you can create all kinds of drinks. If you’re looking to go beyond the simple espresso shot or caffé latte, we’re here to help. […]

15 Delicious Ninja Coffee Bar Recipes To Make Today

Ninja Coffee Bar coffee brewing

You’ve already mastered the basics of brewing a tasty cup of coffee in your Ninja Coffee Bar. But what else can you make with this coffee system? Keep reading to find our 15 favorite Ninja Coffee Bar recipes. No matter what you’re looking for, we’ve got you covered, from classics to cocktails. You can adjust […]

Ninja Coffee Bar Keeps Shutting Off? Here’s the Fix!

Coffee Machine Keeps Shutting Off

The Ninja Coffee Bar can make a wide range of coffee drinks and even froth milk for lattes and cappuccinos. But if your Coffee Bar keeps shutting off before you can brew a whole cup or pot of fresh coffee, you’ll need a handy troubleshooting guide. That’s where we come in! We’ve put together this […]

Ninja Coffee Bar Clean Light Always On? Here’s the Fix!

Coffee Machine Light

Did you clean your Ninja Coffee Bar a few weeks ago, or has it been months? The cleaning indicator means you never have to keep track — unless it stays on permanently. If your cleaning light is always on, we’re here to help with these tips and tricks. Read on to learn how to turn […]

Ninja Coffee Bar Starts then Beeps 5 Times? Here’s the Fix!

Ninja Coffee Bar preheating

Your Ninja Coffee Bar usually brews delicious coffee at the push of a button. But if it’s suddenly started beeping instead of brewing or brewing just an ounce at a time, you’ll need a fix. We’ve got it! The Ninja Coffee Bar beeps five times to notify you that something isn’t working right. If you […]

How to Clean Your Mr. Coffee (Quick & Easy)

How to clean your Mr. Coffee

There’s nothing quite as dependable as a Mr. Coffee drip machine. Set it up, turn it on, and you have a delicious pot of coffee in no time. But when your machine starts looking less than sparkling, what’s the best way to clean it? We’re here to help! Keep reading for the easiest way to […]

How to Reset Your Ninja Coffee Bar (Fast & Easy)

How to Reset Coffee Machine

Is your Ninja Coffee Bar malfunctioning? To get it back in working order, you may need to reset the machine. Luckily, there’s a fast and easy method. Keep reading to learn how to reset your Ninja Coffee Bar and get back to brewing delicious pots of coffee! 1. Check that your Ninja is set up […]

Handpresso vs Minipresso Espresso Makers: Which is Better?

Minipresso vs. Handpresso

If you love espresso but don’t love waiting in coffee shop lines, you may want to invest in an espresso maker. But to make high-quality espresso at home, you’ll need the right equipment. Before you blow your budget on a pricey Italian espresso machine, there’s another option you may want to consider: a portable espresso […]

Nespresso Essenza Mini Review 2020: Pros, Cons, & Verdict

Nespresso Essenza Mini

Nespresso Essenza Mini — A Quick Look Overall Design This espresso maker is very compact, with a slim footprint that will fit in even the smallest kitchens. It weighs a light five pounds and offers streamlined controls. The plastic body doesn’t feel especially high-end, but that’s not a big surprise, given that this is one […]