How To Make The Perfect Café Con Leche Coffee

Cafe Con Leche

Cafe con leche isn’t a very common drink on American cafe menus. However, those who are a fan of this Latin drink like it because of the bold espresso taste with the combination of scalded milk. It is a traditional Spanish and Cuban style coffee. Follow along with us as we make the perfect cafe […]

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How Long Do Coffee Beans Last? – Do They Go Bad?

how long do coffee beans last

As much as we hate to admit it yes, coffee does go bad. But the kind of bean you buy will determine when this unfortunate thing happens. Whole bean and pre-ground coffee have different expiration periods, and environmental factors can also impact the life expectancy of coffee. Keep reading to find out when coffee goes […]

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Macchiato vs Mocha: What’s the Difference?

macchiato vs mocha

If you’ve been inside a coffee shop, local or chain, then you’re familiar with the popular espresso drinks macchiato and mocha. Maybe you’ve ordered one but didn’t know what exactly you drank. Or maybe you’ve seen them on the menu, but didn’t know enough about it to try one. Today you’ll find out what makes […]

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Frappe vs Latte: What’s the Difference?


A frappe and a latte are totally different from each other, from the ingredients to the preparation, and let’s not forget taste and texture. First, we will explain what these drinks are, then we will break down the differences for you. What is a Frappe? A frappe is a frozen coffee drink. It’s made with […]

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Mocha vs Latte: What’s the Difference?

mocha vs latte

If you find yourself staring at a coffee menu for way too long, it’s probably because there are so many options and they all sound so tasty. Among these tasty options are two espresso drinks, the latte, and the mocha. Some people are very familiar with these, but if you find yourself enjoying a latte […]

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Drip Coffee Maker vs Espresso Machine: Which Should You Choose?

A drip coffee maker up close

Do you want a cup of coffee or espresso? The answer to this question will determine which method is best for you to use. Drip coffee makers are going to brew a bulk batch of coffee for you and potentially others to enjoy. An espresso machine is going to produce one serving of 2-3 oz […]

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Moka Pot vs Espresso Machine: Which Should You Choose?

moka pot vs espresso machine

Making espresso at home gives you coffee shop quality coffee without having to wait in line at a coffee shop. There are a few different ways to make espresso at home. Two of those options are a moka pot and an espresso machine. Today, we are going to examine the main differences between the two […]

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French Press vs Espresso: Which Method To Choose?

a steaming cup of coffee

Both a French press and an espresso machine are tools used to give coffee lovers variations of their favorite morning drink. They are two vastly different products, and the one you use depends on what type of coffee beverage you’re trying to make. Outlined below are the major differences between the two to make choosing […]

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Flat White vs Latte: What’s the Difference?

flat white vs latte

A latte is a pretty common drink among coffee lovers, but have you ever heard of the less common flat white? If so, do you know what makes these drinks different from each other? The main thing separating them is a special technique. Read more to find out! What Makes a Latte? The joy of […]

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Nespresso vs Espresso Machine: Which Should You Choose?

nespresso vs espresso machine

Home brewed espresso can be really special. Not only do you not have to wake up early to wait in line at the coffee shop, but you also get to craft your drink with your own two hands. If this sounds like something you’re interested in, you’re probably wondering what espresso-making device you should invest […]

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