Why Does Coffee Make My Stomach Hurt?

why does coffee make my stomach hurt

Have you ever enjoyed your favorite coffee drink, only to suffer a stomach ache afterward? Don’t worry, you aren’t alone. It’s not uncommon to experience stomach discomfort after coffee intake. In fact, there are three main possibilities as to what may be causing this problem. But there’s no need to fear! Most of the time […]

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Percolator vs Drip Coffee Maker: How To Choose?

It seems like there are as many ways to brew coffee these days as there are bean varieties.  But one of the oldest brewing debates involves the two most traditional brewers: percolators and drip coffee makers.  Both are economical, both are convenient, and both can make those early mornings more welcoming.  But is one better […]

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Automatic vs Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine: What’s the Difference?

Automatic vs Semi Automatic Espresso Machine whats difference

If you love espresso, you may want to skip the coffee shop line and purchase your own machine. But with hundreds of espresso machines on the market, how do you decide what to buy? Espresso machines can be large investments, so you’ll want to have all the facts before you make your choice. Your first […]

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How To Roast Your Own Coffee at Home: 3 Different Methods

roasting coffee

If you’re a dedicated coffee lover, you already know that freshly roasted beans are the most flavorful. And what could be more fresh than roasting coffee yourself? This process can sound daunting, but it’s actually easier than you might think. There are three simple ways for you to roast your own coffee beans at home: […]

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How to Make Cold Brew in a French Press: 6 Quick Steps

how to make cold brew in a french press

Cold brew can be made easily at home if you have the patience for the long steeping time. One way to make cold brew in your kitchen is with a french press. If you have ever had hot coffee from a french press, you know how much flavor this brewing method provides. A french press […]

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