Best Coffee Grinders for Chemex – Top Picks & Reviews 2020

Chemex Coffee and mug

Did you know that freshly ground coffee starts to oxidize or lose its freshness almost immediately? Once ground, you should use it within 15 minutes. For espresso grounds, it should be used within a minute or so. Knowing this, it might make you question how fresh pre-ground coffee actually is. Yes, it’s true that it […]

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Best Coffee for Percolators – Top Picks & Reviews 2020

cup of coffee beside percolator

If you’re a big fan of the percolator brewing method, you’ve probably wondered what types of coffee will work best. Percolators are simple to use and produce a great, strong cup of coffee. Not as delicate as an espresso maker and with a slight tendency toward bitterness, the percolator is best suited to a flavorful, […]

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Best African Coffee Brands — Top Picks & Reviews 2020

African Coffee Beans

African coffees are perfect for where the coffee world is right now. Everyone wants these big and bright coffees with popping acidity and fruity, earthy flavors. African coffees are generally for people with a preference for specialty coffee, but if you are a dark roast lover, don’t worry, there’s something for you too. The world […]

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Best Coffee Beans for AeroPress – Top Picks & Reviews 2020

Best Aeropressed Coffee

When the AeroPress first burst on the scene, there was suddenly an affordable product that actually pulled good shots of espresso. Fast forward to today, and we’ve learned a few cool tricks with the AeroPress (turning it upside down to use as a drip coffee maker, for example). So many products in the world of […]

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Best Camping Coffee Makers 2020 — Reviews & Top Picks

Camping with coffee

The crackling of the fire, the warm breeze, the bear going through your cooler of food — there’s nothing that beats camping. Here at coffee-channel, we are here to help those of you who love the great outdoors but also appreciate the comforts of home, like hot coffee in the morning. There’s so much to […]

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Best Italian Coffee Beans 2020 – Top Picks & Reviews

italian coffee beans

When it comes to most things related to food and flavor, Italians just seem to know what they’re doing. It only makes sense that the culture responsible for pesto and prosciutto also roasts some of the most wonderful coffee beans. In general, the phrase “Italian roast” is synonymous with a darker roast geared towards espresso […]

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Best Espresso Machines under $200 – Top Picks & Reviews 2020

an espresso maker making a shot

Rich, creamy, and quick to drink, a shot or two of espresso can be a great way to start your day. But paying coffee shop prices or buying a high-end machine might be too expensive for your budget. Don’t worry, you don’t have to pay thousands of dollars to pull a great shot of espresso. […]

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Best Milk Frothers 2020 – Top Picks & Reviews

Milk Frother Foam

There are so many things that draw us to a cup of coffee: the fresh aroma of a cup waiting for us in the morning or watching creamer works its way through a clear glass. Frothed and steamed milk can help us wake up at the earliest part of our day or cap off our […]

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Best Coffee Grinders for Cold Brew 2020 – Reviews & Top Picks


Cold-brew is easy to make ahead and refreshing on a hot, summery day. But to brew it, you’ll want very coarsely-ground beans, which can be difficult to buy pre-ground. So what’s the best grinder for cold brew beans? To make your shopping easier and get you to a tasty glass of cold brew faster, we’ve […]

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Handpresso Portable Manual Espresso Maker Review

The HandPresso

A HISTORY LESSON ON PORTABLE ESPRESSO Created in 2006, Handpresso became the first company to produce and release a portable espresso machine. The Handpresso Wild was first released in 2008 at MACEF in Milan, and caused quite an uproar. Since then, Handpresso has made a model specifically designed to be used in the car, and […]

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