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Manual vs Electric Coffee Grinders: Which is Right for You?

Manual vs Electric Coffee Grinders - Which is Right for You

When it comes to making a perfect cup of coffee, size matters. If you’re after a fresh, flavorful cup of joe, it’s critical to buy whole beans and grind them at home. By doing this, you not only have fresh grounds, but you can grind them to the size that your preferred brewing method requires. […]

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Best Cuisinart Coffee Maker Reviews 2019 – Top Picks & Guide

a coffee subscription service

Cuisinart is known for making quality appliances, and its coffee pots are among some of the best. When you get up in the morning, you need coffee before you can get any brain cells to work; therefore, you need a coffee maker that’s easy to use. The question is: which one is best for you? […]

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Americano vs Latte: What’s the Difference?

americano vs latte

Both an americano and a latte are commonly ordered espresso-based beverages, but that’s where their similarities end. If you aren’t aware of their many differences or you haven’t had the opportunity to taste one or the other, let us introduce you. Then you can get the one that sounds the most appealing to you next […]

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Keurig K55 vs K50: Which is Better?

Keurig K55

Keurig’s K55 is a more affordable, more feature-heavy version of the K50. If A plus B equals C, it’s a better coffee maker. The math on that is pretty simple. Or, is it? While the K55 does more in the sense of self-cleaning and maintenance, it also has a worse track record for reliability. The […]

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Keurig K50 vs K200: Which One’s Best?

Keurig K200 side view

Deciding between Keurig’s K50 and K200 is more than a choice between two coffee makers. It’s a choice in philosophy. It’s about old versus new. It’s about simple versus less simple. It’s about a steady past versus an uncertain future. In essence, choosing between the two is the very conflict of life. Or, it’s just […]

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Keurig K55 vs K250: Which is Better?

coffeehouse in home

In terms of design and operation, the K55 and K250 represent very different approaches to Keurig’s single-cup brewing systems. The K55 is fast, and accommodates non-official Keurig pods. It comes in one color and is limited to brewing one cup at a time. The K250 is designed as a space saver, comes in an array […]

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Keurig K15 vs K55: Which is Better?

coffee maker in kitchen

Sometimes comparing two models of the same product reveals a few dollars in price difference or a small feature one has that the other doesn’t. This isn’t one of those cases. If you’re really in the market for a small, efficient Keurig to replace a four-cup drip coffee maker, the K15 is a great option. […]

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Keurig K45 vs K55: Which Coffee Maker is Better?

coffee maker in kitchen

Keurig’s K45 and K55 are both low-end, entry-level Keurig coffee makers. Both are affordable and intended for nothing more complicated than to brew coffee quickly. Both are compatible with every K-cup pod on the market, which gives users of both access to dozens of different brands and hundreds of flavors. Both also come with reputations […]

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Cold Brew vs Iced Coffee: What’s the Difference?

Cold Brew vs Iced Coffee

For those who like their coffee beverages cold, there are several options, but the most popular is iced coffee. Iced coffee products make up 25% of the menu in an average coffee shop. Cold brew first appeared on menus in large chains and local shops in 2015. Since then, they have rapidly grown in popularity. […]

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