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Keurig K55 vs K250: Which One’s Best?

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In terms of design and operation, the K55 and K250 represent very different approaches to Keurig’s single-cup brewing systems. The K55 is fast, and accommodates non-official Keurig pods. It comes in one color and is limited to brewing one cup at a time. The K250 is designed as a space saver, comes in an array […]

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Keurig K55 vs K50: Which One’s Best?

Keurig K55

Keurig’s K55 is a more affordable, more feature-heavy version of the K50. If A plus B equals C, it’s a better coffee maker. The math on that is pretty simple. Or, is it? While the K55 does more in the sense of self-cleaning and maintenance, it also has a worse track record for reliability. The […]

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Keurig K50 vs K200: Which One’s Best?

Keurig K200 side view

Deciding between Keurig’s K50 and K200 is more than a choice between two coffee makers. It’s a choice in philosophy. It’s about old versus new. It’s about simple versus less simple. It’s about a steady past versus an uncertain future. In essence, choosing between the two is the very conflict of life. Or, it’s just […]

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Keurig K45 vs K55: Which One’s Best?

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Keurig’s K45 and K55 are both low-end, entry-level Keurig coffee makers. Both are affordable and intended for nothing more complicated than to brew coffee quickly. Both are compatible with every K-cup pod on the market, which gives users of both access to dozens of different brands and hundreds of flavors. Both also come with reputations […]

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