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7 Gift Basket Ideas for the Coffee Lover

Gift Basket

If you’re like us, you love giving gifts of coffee. Whether for a fellow coffee lover or someone who is just starting down that path, coffee gift baskets are great for any occasion. We are seasoned pros at buying gifts for coffee lovers because as coffee lovers ourselves, it’s all we get and it’s all […]

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How to Reduce Bitterness in Your Coffee

bitter coffee

Bitterness is a common occurrence in coffee and coffee-related drinks because coffee’s flavor profile depends on bitterness, and sometimes, it just gets overdone. Many things can be the culprit of a poorly brewed cup, as coffee can be quite finicky. In this article, we’ll examine ways to make your coffee less bitter, as well as […]

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What’s the Best Kind of Water for Coffee? (It Makes a BIG Difference!)

water with your coffee

Not all waters are the same, nor are the coffees that come from them. In our constant quest to help perfect the science of brewing high-quality coffee, we’ve tested a wide variety of options to see which types of H2O work best. We’ve highlighted several different types of water here, and included the benefits and […]

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How To Make Vietnamese Coffee at Home

Vietnamese coffee

Vietnamese coffee is all about attention to detail and knowing how best to use the iconic filter. These Vietnamese filters, known by their brand name of Phin, are ubiquitous across the Asian country. They’re becoming more and more prevalent around the world – as coffee lovers pick up on this special treat. With this guide, […]

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21 Different Types of Espresso Drinks (With Pictures)

Espresso Coffee Types

You may think you already know the types of espresso drinks, but there are quite a few variations, including drinks from all over the world. Starting with a basic espresso shot, you can create all kinds of drinks. If you’re looking to go beyond the simple espresso shot or caffé latte, we’re here to help. […]

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Why Doesn’t Caffeine Affect Some People?

black coffee in a white cup

As wonderful as caffeine is, it definitely does not affect us all equally. Personally, I can be wired after one small cup – but many people claim that caffeine just doesn’t have quite the same effect. If you find yourself constantly wondering, “Why doesn’t coffee wake me up?” every morning on the train, you’ve come […]

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Stainless Steel vs Glass French Press: Which is Better?

Stainless Steel vs Glass French Press

Simple as the French press may be, there are variations in the design concept that can have a big effect on flavor. In this guide, we take a look at the ins and outs of both glass and stainless steel French presses. Our goal is not to declare a winner, but rather to show you […]

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3 Tips & Tricks For Switching To Black Coffee

black coffee

Whether you’re looking to cut calories, save money, or impress your friends, there are plenty of reasons to switch to black coffee. But how do you enjoy that bitter cup when you’re used to smooth, creamy coffee? Don’t worry: drinking black coffee isn’t as scary as intense as they say, and there are lots of […]

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Is Drinking Coffee Good For Curing Hangovers?

espresso coffee

If you have ever woken up with a hangover (and most of us have), you were probably willing to try just about anything to get some relief. Unfortunately, the only true cure for a hangover is time. But what if we told you coffee can help, too? It seems so simple, but coffee really does […]

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32 Great Gifts for Coffee Lovers (Updated in 2020)

gifts for coffee lovers

Whether you’re working on your Christmas shopping list or buying for a birthday, finding the perfect gift can be a daunting task. Fortunately, there are lots of great options available for the coffee lovers in your life. We’ve put together this list of 32 great gifts so you can find one that your coffee lover […]

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