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22 Different Types of Coffee Drinks (With Pictures)

Coffee Around the World

You know how to make a simple cup of coffee, but what about a Vietnamese Cha Phe Sua Da? And do you know the difference between a macchiato and a cappuccino? There are quite a few types of coffee drinks, so it comes as no surprise that they can be difficult to keep straight. The […]

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20 Coffee Brewing Methods & Their Differences (With Pictures)

Brewing Coffee

If you’re a coffee lover, you probably already have a favorite brewing method or two. Even so, maybe you’d like to shake things up and try a new variety. We’ve gathered all of the best coffee brewing methods here with pictures, descriptions, directions, and pros and cons, so you can easily find your new favorite […]

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How to Make a Caramel Latte At Home

How to make a caramel latte

Tools for the Job As a latte is a simple drink, we don’t need much. Some of the things on this list are interchangeable for other items, and we’ll let you know about proper substitutes. For this project, we will need: Water and something to heat it Espresso maker or strong coffee A mason jar, […]

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3 Types of Coffee Filters: Which One Should You Choose?

coffee filter

In all the fuss over finding your favorite coffee beans and brewing method, there may be an aspect you’ve forgotten: filters. They don’t get a lot of glory, but filters are indispensable to the coffee brewing process.  There are three main types of coffee filters: paper, metal, and cloth. Within those three broad categories, there […]

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Where’s the Best Place to Buy Green Coffee Beans?

green coffee beans

If you haven’t started roasting your own coffee beans yet, there is no better time than now to buy some green beans online and start creating your own coffee. It’s becoming increasingly more popular because the taste is significantly better and you can customize your coffee. It’s a fun way to experiment with different flavors, […]

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Where’s the Best Place to Buy Coffee Beans in NYC?

Best Place to Buy Coffee Beans in NYC

If you’re looking for a satisfying coffee experience, there’s nothing quite like brewing it yourself. It’s incredibly satisfying going through the process from start to finish, ending in a perfect cup suiting your exact taste. The first step is sourcing delicious, freshly roasted coffee beans. Thankfully, there are quite a few places in New York […]

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Where’s the Best Place to Buy Coffee Beans in Chicago?

coffee in chicago

Although the area doesn’t quite have the reputation of San Francisco or New York, coffee is a pretty big deal around the Great Lakes. Combine long, cold winters with a cosmopolitan place like Chicago, and you’ve got a place for a great coffee market. We took a look at a variety of places to buy […]

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Where’s the Best Place to Buy Coffee Beans in San Francisco?

coffee in san francisco

If you’re just looking for a place to buy coffee beans, you can find them in just about every place that sells coffee of any kind. You can also buy them off the internet, in a range of vendors nearly as broad. What if you’re a real coffee snob and want to find just the […]

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Where’s the Best Place to Buy Coffee Beans in Seattle?

coffee in seattle

There are plenty of coffee shops in Seattle, and many of them serve great coffee from top-notch baristas. But buying coffee beans is a whole different story. If you’re a keen coffee enthusiast, you’ll want to do your research and buy beans from the best coffee roasters in town. We want the best, whether it’s […]

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How to Find High-Quality Coffee Beans (Online & In Stores)

high quality coffee beans

If you’re a serious coffee drinker, you know that not all beans are the same. Even the best brewing equipment can’t make up for low-quality coffee beans. But how do you sort through all the coffee out there and find that perfect bag? The first step is to think about what you’re looking for. Do […]

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