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Keurig K250 Review

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Keurig K250 – A Quick Look Colorful appearance Previous Keurigs came in a standard black color scheme. The K250 comes in eight different colors, including the traditional black. From bright, calming Oasis to lively Imperial Red, there’s a color to not only fit in with your kitchen decor scheme, but accentuate it and bring it […]

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Keurig K15 Review

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Keurig K15 – A Quick Look Space saver Because it’s designed to brew just one cup at a time, the K15 has a slimmed-down construction that’ll fit in just about every small space you have. It not only fits easily in your kitchen counter space; it’s a great fit for anywhere else where you want […]

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Keurig K50 Review – Pros, Cons & Verdict

Keurig K50

Keurig K50 – A Quick Look Variety K-cup versatility means you can brew a massive range of different coffees. All the different roasts and flavors that can be packed into a K-cup are available to you. That doesn’t just include coffee. That means different kinds of tea and hot chocolate. Iced drinks only require dropping […]

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Keurig K55 Review – Pros, Cons & Verdict

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Keurig K55 – A Quick Look Push button simplicity From brewing three different-sized cups of coffee to cleaning and descaling, everything on a Keurig is as simple as pressing a button. Need a small, powerful jolt of caffeine? Press the six-ounce button. Want a nice, leisurely cup of coffee that won’t leave you jittery? Hit […]

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Keurig K200 Review – Pros, Cons & Verdict

Keurig K200 side view

Keurig 200 – A Quick Look Less landfill waste Keurigs get criticized for creating a lot of plastic waste. In response, Keurig released its 2.0 line, which features reusable K-cup pods. The K200 also accommodates a refillable coffee pod from online vendors that allows people to use their own coffee grounds. All of this significantly […]

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Keurig K45 Review – Pros, Cons & Verdict

Keurig K45 – A Quick Look Variety of flavors The K45 will accept K-cup pods from dozens from roasters, offering hundreds of different flavors. That’s not just coffee, but also teas and hot chocolate. You can start with a breakfast blend from your favorite brand, roll into a hot chai for the afternoon, and end […]

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