Is Coffee Good to Drink While on a Diet?

breakfastOn a diet but you’re a coffee addict? Whether or not you’re an addict, the question about drinking coffee while on a diet is still a difficult one to answer. It might be the only thing that wakes you up in the morning fully or the one thing you long for in an afternoon break.

If you’re on a diet…

You don’t have to worry! National Coffee Association says coffee can help you lose weight as long as you take it black and drink moderately.

It’s good to drink coffee while on a diet so long as you drink it black and you steer clear of sugar or any sweetened coffee drink. Let’s do the math here. One cup of instant coffee contains seven calories while a cup of brewed coffee contains five calories. But a cup of espresso? Well, it brags about its 3 calories. So if you’re on a weight-loss diet, it’s best to take your coffee simply.

A fan of mocha? I suggest you avoid it. It contains 60 calories in one serving! If your drink has an ounce of half-and-half, you’re adding 37 calories to your drink. If you add one ounce of cream, you’re adding 57 calories. And adding a teaspoon of sugar is adding 16 more calories. What more if your coffee drink has milk, whipped cream, and syrup! That drink would contain hundreds of calories. As much as possible, avoid these add-ons or mix-ins. If you can’t avoid them, then limit them.

Going back to the good side, you have to bear in mind that drinking coffee won’t do the trick of removing your unwanted fats. Coffee is just for support. Your main focus should be on your fitness program. According to a 2013 study published in PLoS One, cyclists who drank coffee one hour prior to their workout endured their exercise routine longer and cycled faster than those who didn’t incorporate caffeine into their regimen.

Furthermore, the International Journal of Sports Nutrition mentioned in their 2015 review that coffee decreases the rate of perceived exertion (RPE) during a workout. That means you won’t feel the difficulty of your exercises and therefore you’ll work harder during your training, burning more calories.

However, a review published by The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in 2006 says consuming coffee when you’re near to reaching your target weight is more effective and beneficial. According to the review, caffeine becomes more effective in burning fat and stimulating metabolism in people who aren’t obese compared to those who are.

Since I’m feeling extra kind today, here are a few tips for you:

  • Only drink one to three cups of coffee a day. Drinking more than the prescribed amount will cause anxiety, restlessness, and nervousness.

  • Spice up your coffee by adding calorie-free condiments like pumpkin pie spice or cinnamon while your coffee grounds are brewing. You can also add vanilla extract to the brewed coffee.

  • Add stevia if you think you need to add something sweet; it’s naturally sweet and is made perfectly for coffee. Adding one-quarter cup of unsweetened almond milk rather than half-and-half or cream is also a great idea since it contains only 10 calories; making you less guilty about your calorie intake.