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50 Perfect Coffee Puns You’ll Love a Latte

Matcha coffee pun

If you can’t espresso how much you love coffee puns, you’re in exactly the right place. To get you laughing, we’ve put together this list of the best coffee bean puns, including funny coffee puns, cute coffee puns, and coffee shop name puns. Plus, scroll down to find punny coffee mugs that will make the perfect addition to your favorite jokester’s kitchen!

So grab a shot of espresso and get ready to laugh at the 50 best coffee puns!

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Funny Coffee Puns

Impress your friends (or get their eyes rolling) with this list of the funniest coffee puns. Can you brew-lieve it?

  • To bean or not to bean?
  • What have you bean up to?
  • Cold brew help me with this?
  • Hands up! You’re under a-roast.
  • What are my favorite colors? Red, white, and brew!
  • Are you sick? Yes, I’ve been coffee and sneezing.
  • I’m quiet, but after a cup of coffee, I can espresso my feelings.
  • Bean Affleck was amazing in Dazed and Coffee-Infused.
  • That’s (coffee) grounds for dismissal.
  • Coffee is a part of my daily grind.
  • That’s a tall order.
  • Everything I brew, I brew for you.
  • Better latte than never.
  • I’ll do it by whatever beans necessary.
  • Don’t throw away your espresso shot!
  • Sip happens.
  • Who’s your favorite actor? Al Cappuccino.
  • Who’s the best character in Les Miserables? Inspector Java!
  • Quit your mugging and have a cup of joe!
  • What do you call a baby cow? Decaf.
  • There’s trouble brewing…
  • You’re cruising for a brew-sing!
  • Brew you java plan?

cute coffee latte art

Cute Coffee Puns

Is it your favorite coffee lover’s birthday? Brighten their day with one of these cute coffee puns — and check out our list of the best gifts for coffee lovers. Or make a boring brews-day a latte more fun!

  • I love you a latte.
  • Thanks a latte.
  • We’ve run a ground!
  • You’re brew-tiful.
  • Livin’ la vida mocha
  • Frappe birthday to brew!
  • Java nice day.
  • Don’t mocha me laugh!
  • I can’t espresso how much I love you.
  • Mugs and kisses
  • Where have you bean all my life?
  • We’re the perfect blend!
  • Don’t worry, be frappe.
  • It’s raining and pour over-ing!
  • This news is hot off the French presses.
  • Brew-ston, we have a problem.

punny coffee shop names

Coffee Shop Name Puns

There’s nothing quite as fun as a coffee shop with a clever name! Here are some great pun coffee shop names:

  • Central Perk
  • Ground Up Cafe
  • Beany Business
  • Love You a Latte
  • Deja Brew
  • Latte Da
  • Solid Ground Cafe
  • Sweet Bloom Coffee Roasters
  • The Family Bean
  • Bean There, Drank That
  • Brew HaHa!

coffee puns yule love

Coffee Mug Puns

Want to show off your love of puns? We recommend:

1. Koala Tea

Koala Tea pun coffee mug

Don’t worry, you can drink coffee out of this koala tea mug!

2. Let Minnow

Let Minnow coffee mug pun

Do you know any coffee-loving fishermen? They’ll enjoy this fishy coffee mug.

3. Party Thyme

Party Thyme punny coffee mug

It’s about thyme for an herby coffee mug! Perk up your morning cup of coffee with this partying plant mug.

4. Armed and Dadly

Armed and Dadly pun coffee mug

Dads are famous for their groan-inducing dad jokes. Why not buy your pun fanatic father the perfect dadly coffee mug?

5. Lettuce Romaine Calm

Lettuce Romaine Calm punny coffee mug

Last kale for a calming mug! If you’re looking to add a little peace and calm to your morning, why not buy this punny veggie mug?

6. On Porpoise

On Porpoise pun coffee mug

Are you an unapologetic punster? We recommend this porpoise-ful punny mug.

7. For Fox Sake

For Fox Sake pun mug

Not a morning person? Wake up with a wink and drink your coffee out of this foxy mug.

8. Catscan

Catscan coffee mug

Is there anything catscan’t do? The pet lovers in your life will adore this punny animal coffee mug.

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There you have it, all the best coffee puns! Whether you want something to laugh at over a latte or a cute pun to write in a birthday card, this list should have you covered. And if you’re searching for a punny coffee shop name, we have a few suggestions, from Central Perk to Brew HaHa!

Looking for more coffee-themed laughs? Try one of our other java roundups:

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