Coffee vs Energy Drinks: Which Caffeine Is Better Health-wise?

morningAre you an athlete? Are you exercising to improve your overall health? Or are you just aiming to be productive every day? Whatever your answer is, I’m sure you’re familiar with our two competitors for today under the Energy Boosters category.

Let’s see what they can offer in Round 1!

On the brown corner, containing about 100 mg of caffeine per cup, hailing from Ethiopia and existing since the 11th century, we have… COFFEE!

This drink contains higher concentrations of caffeine than its opponent. When used by athletes, this can create a sudden effect on their nervous system and increase their heart rate. If you’re into sports, therefore, it isn’t recommended to use as an energy booster. Coffee can put tension on one’s heart, making it less apt for any sport.

Unfortunately, it can also make you dehydrated and pee more often than usual. Coffee isn’t the drink for you if you’re into exercising and competing. It will make your stomach feel “liquidy”, discouraging you to break a sweat. And of course, if you add milk, your drink will take more time to be digested.

Now, on the blue corner, containing about 30 mg of caffeine per cup, the pride of the UK existing since 1929, here are… ENERGY DRINKS!

Energy drinks obviously contain about 70 mg less caffeine compared to coffee. That means less peeing time and more working out time. It’s safe to say they’re better to drink when you’re working out. These isotonic drinks aren’t just beneficial to keep you energetic for your fitness routine, they also help your body cope up with the exercises. Energy drinks keep you hydrated. You might say energy drinks shouldn’t be called “energy” drinks because they don’t actually provide more energy since they work better after your exercise. Well, technically, they’re recovery or restoration drinks. But the amount of sugar in their content serves as energizers.

However, drinks that have guarana, a stimulant and type of caffeine that’s better than regular caffeine, can give you more benefits by gradually releasing energy.

Vitamins and minerals can also be found in these drinks. A lot of sports drinks contain vitamin C. This helps your immune system get stronger to keep you going. They also contain vitamin B6. This vitamin is essential for the body as it helps it gain more energy from your carbohydrates, allowing you to acquire more from the sugar than usual.

But don’t get too excited! Drinking a bottle of sports drink won’t result to an instant healthier bod. Sugar should also be taken lightly.

To recap, remember that an energy drink is better for sports. It’s best to eat an energy bar that has guarana at least one hour before your workout as a source of carbs. Then replenish with your energy drink.

Obviously, for the first round which focused on physical health, energy or sports drinks won.

For round 2, let’s talk about their benefits to mental health.

Let’s see what coffee prepared for us this time.

Caffeine has been proven to help you focus more and be alert. Because coffee contains more caffeine than energy drinks, that means you can concentrate more on what you need to do when you drink coffee.

Moreover, it is recommended to combine some carbs with your coffee since our brains depend on carbs for energy just like how our muscles do. However, sugar isn’t advisable. It will just give a short spike of energy which will make it harder for you to focus when the effect of that spike is over. Instead of entertaining the idea of consuming sugar, eat a sandwich or a banana.

If you’re studious or simply needs to be one instantly, one cup of coffee can help you be more productive. However, if you’re concerned about the nervousness and headaches coffee can cause, you can try a guarana tablet instead. If you drink coffee reasonably, though, you won’t have to worry about these side effects.

For round 2, the winner is clearly coffee. And now they’re equal!

Which is better health-wise?

When it comes to nutrients, coffee is the popular one. It has numerous health benefits which include having a lower risk of having Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease, having a lower risk of committing suicide, having a brighter mood, becoming smarter, and more.

On the other hand, energy drinks are also jam-packed with nutrients and vitamins. The amino acids and minerals in these drinks even help our brains to function. They contain electrolytes to help you get through your workout as well.

When it comes to calories, both drinks have a lot. An energy drink can contain up to 300 calories per can and a large Frappucino can contain up to 400 calories. If you’re concerned about the calories, I suggest you take black coffee instead. A cup of espresso only contains about 31 mg, and that’s the lowest these drinks can give.

So which is better health-wise? I say coffee.

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