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Crema Coffee Subscription

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Crema bases its company, and subscription, on letting you personally know where your coffee comes from by putting emphasis on the production side of the coffee industry. On its website, you have access to information on each individual farmer and roaster that the company gets its coffee from. The bag of coffee even tells you the name of the farmers, instead of just where the farm is. As a coffee lover, it’s exciting to see the side of the coffee industry that’s responsible for growing our favorite caffeine delights.

The quality of these gourmet coffees is exactly as good as you’d expect, and the diverse flavors of the single-origin coffees are interesting as well. The best part of this subscription is making your very own “coffee playlist.” You get to choose which Crema coffees you like the best, or want to try in the future, and that’s what it sends you! Check out the other aspects of the Crema subscription we reviewed below.

Crema Coffee Subscription Quick Look:

  • Coffee playlist of preferences
  • Great flavor, selection, and quality
  • Highlights coffee farmers and roasters
  • Free shipping
  • Fair price
  • Whole bean only

Coffee: Quality, Flavor, and Selection

The hard work to source the farms and roasters, along with the relationships Crema has with them, means you’ll receive great coffee. Like other great gourmet coffee subscriptions, Crema aims to give you high-quality coffee that’s fresh every time. Although nothing is guaranteed, Crema’s quality shouldn’t disappoint.

We were sent three sample flavors from Crema to try this month: Ethiopia Guji, Peru Andino, and French Roast. They’re all different roast profiles, which offers a good variety for someone with adventurous coffee taste. The Ethiopia blend has stronger notes of tropical fruit, honey, and blackberry and an added touch of floral and lemon hints. This coffee is a light roast and has the most acidity. It was the most complex out of all three coffees. The Peru coffee is a smooth medium roast with tasting notes of plum, chocolate, and caramel. The French Roast is a classic flavor, but was developed very well, so it still feels like something you haven’t tried before. It has the rich and smoky qualities you’d expect from a french roast, with a smooth aftertaste and flavor hints of almond, caramel, and chocolate. The regular subscription includes a 12-ounce (on average) bag, but Crema has a trial where you’re sent a three-pack sampler to see if you like the flavors for yourself before committing. The flavor of the coffees will keep you satisfied, especially since you get to choose your own “coffee playlist.”

With as many farmers and roasters as Crema works with, it would be surprising if it had a bad selection. The coffees you’re sent will be various single-origin coffees from a different farmer/roaster combination every time. If this doesn’t convince you that you will get a good selection, then the “coffee playlist” should. You get to choose what roasts, flavors, and origins you want to try, and Crema sends them in order. That’s as diverse and customizable as a subscription can get.

For the Customers: Resources, Ease of Use, and Price

Your delivery from Crema comes with a notecard that helps with your coffee experience. It informs you that you can get brew guides or rate the coffees by logging onto the website. It also mentions that you can create a “coffee playlist” by adding your favorite coffees, so Crema knows what your preferences are. The bag of coffee tells you about where it was grown, how it was processed, the tasting notes, and the roast. Crema’s website has more resources, including pages about the coffees, the roasters, the company story, brewing guides for many methods, a magazine, and tips from coffee guides. There’s even a place where you can learn about each individual farmer. Crema gives you plenty of resources to turn to when you need them.

The website looks very professional and is well-designed. It boasts many pages with different information, including a page to start a subscription. There’s a visible link at the top of the home page. From there, it’s easy to get started. Take a three-question quiz to help choose the coffees you’ll like best. This consists of choosing a roast level you like and a flavor profile you prefer and then selecting one to four coffees that appeal to you the most. That coffee is placed on your “playlist,” and you continue with your subscription selections. You get to pick the frequency of delivery and add more coffee to your “playlist,” so Crema can send you the next one on the list each month.

The price is fair for the quality of gourmet coffee Crema delivers to your door. It’s priced better than other subscriptions that send the same amount of coffee. When you select coffees for your list, the prices vary by about $8, so you can better control what you’re paying. Keeping in mind the diverse selection and how complex the flavors are, the price is great. There’s also free shipping in the U.S. with this subscription.


Q: What size are the bags of coffee?

A: You’ll receive one bag of coffee per month that is, on average, 12 ounces. Some roasters sell their coffee in 16-ounce, 10-ounce, or eight-ounce bags.

Q: Do you get a choice between whole bean and ground?

A: No, it is only sent as whole bean.

Q: Can you make changes to your subscription?

A: Yes, when you log into your account you can pause your subscription for as long as you want.

Q: What is the free trial?

A: You can opt to try three samples for just the cost of shipping and handling. This is how Crema ensures you’ll like its products before you sign up for a subscription if that path feels more comfortable for you. Each sample bag tells you the brew proportions, and makes about one pot.

What Other Subscribers Say

Positive Feedback: Reviews are positive all around from most customers that have subscribed with Crema. They love many things about the subscription. Read for yourself about all the benefits this subscription can offer you.

First and most complimented were the quality and flavors of Crema’s coffee. Many customers like the single-origin offerings, and are surprised at how complex they can be. Customers are also happy with the diversity of the coffees they get on their doorstep. Overall this seems to be the biggest benefit of the subscription, since it’s all about the coffee, after all.

The “coffee playlist” easily comes in second, though. The majority of customer reviews say they love being able to choose their preferences and pick from coffees that fit. It’s a unique coffee experience that most subscriptions don’t offer. If anything sets Crema apart from other gourmet coffee subscriptions, it’s this customizable feature that customers adore so much.

The ease of use impressed some of Crema’s customers. The well-functioning website received a lot of praise for making the experience easier. Customers had no problems signing up for the subscription or finding other information they were looking for.

Some customers appreciate the emphasis Crema places on the farmers and roasters that provide the coffee. The company highlights both the farmers and the roasters on its website, giving customers a chance to read about where their coffee comes from and the people that make it happen. Some coffee lovers value knowing where their coffee is grown when getting a subscription.

Negative Feedback: Here are a few reviews that include some aspects of the subscription Crema could improve upon.

A few customers were disappointed that they couldn’t order pre-ground coffee, because they do not have grinders at home. This makes it slightly inconvenient to subscribe with Crema if you don’t also have a way to grind coffee at home.

Crema only ships in the U.S, which was a small complaint from those who live outside the U.S. and wanted to try the subscription. Crema does say it’s expanding to include international shipping soon.

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Crema offers you quality gourmet coffee according to your preferences at a fair price. This seems like a solid subscription already. Then add in the fact that Crema shares the names of its farmers and roasters to better help you connect to where your coffee comes from. Go ahead and start your “coffee playlist” and try the best coffees picked out just for you!