Driftaway Coffee Subscription Review 2020

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Driftaway coffee

Overall Rating: 4.85/5

Ease of ordering

Driftaway’s coffee subscription intends to let your taste buds travel to where your coffee is from. It sends a wide variety of high-quality coffees from all over the coffee-growing regions. The quality of the coffee is outstanding because Driftaway has such a great relationship with the farmers that grow their coffee. This subscription also has great resources for its customers. You can speak directly with the farmers who grow the coffee you’re receiving, and you can find extra information about the coffees you’re trying or the company itself on its website.

After reviewing this coffee subscription, we can say we definitely approve. There are many reasons to enjoy this subscription. The coffee is excellent quality for the low price. Driftaway sends a tasting kit to all new customers, and the company allows feedback on which coffee profiles you enjoy the most so they can send you similar coffees. There’s even a place on the website to share tasting notes with the coffee community.

The only bad thing we have to say about Driftaway is that they only deliver whole beans. This means that you will need a grinder, but for most people, this will not be a problem.

A Quick Look at the Driftaway Coffee Subscription:

  • Quality and flavor of coffee is outstanding
  • Great price
  • Lots of resources for subscribers
  • Coffee tasting with an online coffee community
  • Can talk directly to farmers that grow the coffee
  • You will need a grinder (they only ship whole beans)

Driftaway Coffee Subscription beans

Coffee: Quality, Flavor, and Selection

Driftaway sends you high-quality coffee from farmers it knows personally, and that you have the chance to talk to yourself if you want (see resources). The fact that it is so connected with the coffee farmers says a lot about the type of business it is, and the high quality of its coffee. That kind of relationship is pretty special in the coffee industry, and it really shows in the product. After the coffee is grown on its partner farms, Driftaway roasts the beans in Brooklyn, NY before sending them to your door. You know the coffee is going to be fresh, which just adds to the great quality.

The coffee origins and flavors Driftaway sends won’t disappoint. The first coffee package you receive will be a tasting kit with four different roasts from different origins. The four single-origin coffees include a fruity light roast, classic medium roast, balanced medium roast, and bold dark roast. This is how Driftaway introduces its coffee profiles to customers, so subscribers feel comfortable describing what they are tasting and get familiar with what regions certain coffee flavors are from.

After you taste the coffees, you can provide feedback online about which ones you enjoyed the most. From there, you get sent more complex coffees that match the profiles you liked from the tasting kit, but with new levels of flavor notes to identify. This range of coffee helps you develop a great coffee tasting palate while getting only coffees you enjoy!

The selection is pretty decent. Because the first shipment is a tasting kit, you get a good selection within your first delivery. Every month, you’ll have a new variety of coffee with a different roast and origin profile to try.

Driftaway Coffee Subscription box

For the Customers: Resources, Ease of Use, and Price

Driftaway has provided many resources for subscribers to learn about the coffee they are drinking or just the company in general. The delivery includes notes about the coffee farmers and the origin of the coffee. There is more information about the farmers and their coffees on the web page. Online, you are also able to share tasting notes with others in the Driftaway coffee community, and even learn some coffee knowledge from its blog. The coolest resource is called Farmer Feedback. It’s a program that allows you to talk to the farmers yourself about how much you enjoy their coffee!

Driftaway made the website very easy to navigate, so you can quickly find the information you’re looking for. Signing up for the subscription is a quick and painless process, because everything is outlined for you. There’s a login for subscribers that is separate from the public page to make it even easier for those already subscribed. There are options for customers to change frequency of the deliveries to weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. You can also change the frequency of the billing from every shipment to charging you a discounted price every six months. Driftaway wants things to be easy for customers, and it definitely accomplished that.

The price of this subscription is a steal! You might actually end up saving money with the Driftaway subscription. The price is a little lower than what you would pay in stores for a coffee this high-quality, and you also get free first class shipping. You get the choice between an 11-ounce bag (22 cups) or a one-pound bag (32 cups) at the delivery frequency you select. Both these options are set at amazing prices that you probably can’t beat, especially for the amount of quality coffee you’re getting.

Driftaway Coffee Subscription on mug


Q: Where are Driftaway’s coffee farms?

A: All of Driftaway’s coffee is single origin coffees grown in Central America, South America, and Africa.

Q: Can you set the start date for the subscription?

A: Yes! Once you start filling our your subscription preferences, you can change the date you’ll get your first shipment if you want the arrival at a later date than shown. You can also do the same for any future shipments.

What Other Subscribers Say

Positive Feedback: Many subscribers were very impressed with Driftaway Coffee, not only because of the low price for a quality product but also just how it is as a company. Let’s look at what they mean.

The coffee has really clear flavors, while always being smooth. That is one way to tell how high-quality the coffee is. Another way is to read the raving reviews from everyone that has tried their coffee.

The relationship between Driftaway and its farmers is next to none. Customers enjoy the information about the coffee and its origin on the bags they get. They like that they are learning something new while trying something new. Driftaway even allows you to talk directly talk to the farmers, which is really exciting for passionate coffee people. Other customers were thrilled at the five-cent donations for every pound of coffee Driftaway sells, which go towards sustainable coffee practices.

Many customers also expressed their deep appreciation for the tasting kit that was sent before the first coffee. They said it helped them calibrate their coffee palates to better understand the differences coffee can have in roast and origin flavors.

Negative Feedback: We only found one negative review of this coffee subscription.
One customer found it difficult to redeem her gift voucher on Driftaway’s website, which was frustrating for her. This was a technical issue and doesn’t happen often. Most customers don’t have any issues using the website for the subscription.

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There is very little downside to ordering a Driftaway Coffee subscription. First, it lets you taste four amazing coffee profiles. Then you get to choose which ones you like the best, so the company knows what to send you. There’s also an abundance of resources about coffee and the company’s partner. There is no other subscription that will give you such great quality at a low price, along with the fantastic resources. If you want your coffee delivery to be flavorful and educational, try a Driftaway Coffee subscription!