Gourmia Cafe Barista Single-Serve Coffee Maker Review

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Gourmia Cafe Barista Review

Editor Rating: 4.1/5

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Gourmia prides itself on engineering cooking tools that are dependable and easy to use. It has decades of small appliance expertise on its side. The Gourmia Cafe Barista is one of those tools and has been engineered to do a lot for you. The Cafe Barista features six buttons that allow you to make a coffee shop favorite, like a cappuccino, automatically. The included milk frother is what makes that possible. It has its own milk storage and it heats the milk as it froths, leaving your drink finished in only minutes. This brewer is also very diverse. You can brew using ground coffee, pods, and loose tea. Now you have variety not only for yourself but for your guests. We have fully reviewed the good and the bad about this product, so you can decide if it belongs in your kitchen.

Note: If you are a current or former barista, this machine won’t give you the accuracy you’re used to. The milk foams almost the same for each type of drink, and there aren’t options for pulling espresso shots. This machine is called a Cafe Barista, but only because it can make multiple types of cafe-style drinks so quickly. It definitely doesn’t compare to a real barista, who can make all sorts of adjustments while brewing. This is a product aimed towards busy people who would rather have a coffee shop in their kitchen than go to one every day.

Gourmia Cafe Barista – A Quick Look

  • Can brew using K-cups, ground coffee, or loose tea
  • Six drink setting buttons for automatic preparation
  • Easy to use
  • Adjustable drip tray
  • Milk frother works well
  • Water/grounds might leak out
  • Makes noise and vibrates during brew
  • Can be difficult to clean
  • May not brew hot enough for everyone


Brand: Gourmia

Product Type: Single-serve coffee maker

Color: Black and stainless steel

Product Dimensions: 8″x10″x12″

Product Weight: 6.71 lbs

Dishwasher-Safe Parts: No

Gourmia Cafe Barista on table

Six Drink Brew Settings

Never feel like drinking the same thing every day? With the Gourmia, you can switch up your caffeine delights pretty often. There are six buttons for different coffee and tea beverages. When you press one, the machine makes that drink for you with little work on your part. There are separate inserts for using loose tea or ground coffee instead of pods. This versatility means you’ll be able to brew different cups of caffeine for everyone, anytime.

Built-In Milk Frother

It wouldn’t be a true Cafe Barista without a built-in milk frother with a heating element. This way you can enjoy lattes, cappuccinos, and milk teas with fewer steps than making it yourself because Gourmia does the work for you. The milk frother even has its own milk reservoir to fill up. This storage allows you to make more than one drink. It also heats the milk as it froths, meaning less time until your latte is ready.

Adjustable Drip Tray

Gourmia knows it’s important to add features that will enhance single-serve brewing. The adjustable drip tray is one of those features. It lets you change the height of the drip tray, so it can accommodate many mug sizes.


Q: How long does it take to brew?

A: It takes two to six minutes for all six of the drinks on the buttons to brew. The ones with milk take the longest.

Q: Is this device compatible with Nespresso pods?

A: Unfortunately, it isn’t. However, K-cup pods will fit, as will many other coffee companies’ pods.

Q: How much water does the water reservoir hold?

A: Enough to make about two cups of single-serve coffee or tea.

What the Users Say

Positive Feedback: Customers are blown away by the easy use of this machine and the fact that it makes so many drink options on its own. It is a very versatile product, which is what most users appreciate about it.

Customers are amazed that this machine can make pod coffee, lattes, and cappuccinos, on top of being able to accommodate loose tea or coffee grounds. It has a lot of brewing capabilities, which is what makes it so popular. The number of diverse drinks it can brew makes it hard to beat.

There are many comments on how well the milk frother on this Gourmia works. It produces a nice foam that is good for coffee shop-quality drinks. The ability to add milk allows more drink possibilities on top of what you can already do with coffee and tea. A lot of customers also like the additional reservoir that holds milk, so that they can make multiple foamy drinks for friends.

Negative Feedback: The cleaning process and a few other small flaws are the main things mentioned in the negative reviews. Check them out and see if they are dealbreakers for you to enjoy a Cafe Barista.

The cleaning process for the Gourmia Cafe Barista can be difficult because the pieces aren’t dishwasher safe. The drip tray and the milk frother are both removable for cleaning, but you have to hand-wash them. One customer mentioned that the milk frother has seven parts and has been frustrating to take apart and put back together.

There is noise and vibration during the brewing process. It can be distracting for some customers to listen to that each morning while brewing coffee, and it takes away from their overall coffee brewing experience.

Some customers like their coffee hotter than what this product provides. This isn’t a common issue with the machine; it just depends on personal preferences for coffee temperature. If you like your morning coffee at 180 degrees, that won’t happen with the Cafe Barista.

There have been some reports of customers having issues with their water reservoirs leaking. This is mainly reported as an issue with the grounds and water leaking out of the top after brewing starts. If this is something you run into, the device should be replaceable with the warranty.


Gourmia has outdone itself on bringing a barista to your kitchen. The Cafe Barista can make a long list of coffee and tea drinks, with frothy milk or without, with just a touch of a button. The multiple inserts make it easy to brew pods, ground coffee, or loose tea, whichever works best for you. Its excellent milk frother setup is the one to thank for being able to have a cappuccino in your kitchen in five minutes every morning. With a Gourmia, you can change your caffeine routine anytime you want. One day you might want a cinnamon latte; the next day you may want an Earl Grey tea. The Gourmia Cafe Barista can give you that at-home experience of diverse beverages and fast, great results.