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JavaPresse subscription review

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JavaPresse’s coffee club subscription is a great way to try its interesting coffee blends on a monthly basis. It ships you the coffee only two hours after it has been roasted. How much fresher can you get? If the freshness of the coffee doesn’t convince you, maybe the abundance of delicious and diverse blends JavaPresse sends will. It has interesting notes within its blends and unique combinations that will keep you excited for the next month’s coffee treasure.

JavaPresse Coffee Club Quick Look

  • Very fresh coffee
  • Great quality, selection and flavors
  • Great resources for customers
  • Weekly giveaways
  • Supports small farms
  • Sends a free grinder as a gift
  • Fantastic customer service
  • Kind of pricey
  • Only sends seasonal coffee blends

JavaPresse Coffee and moka top

Coffee Club Perks

What does JavaPresse offer for your coffee enjoyment when you sign up for this coffee club subscription? The first major perk is that with your first bag of coffee, the company sends you its fantastic manual burr grinder for free. This is because JavaPresse thoroughly believes in freshness. It wants you to have freshly roasted coffee that you can grind right before brewing, so you can get the true taste from that blend. To ensure this happens for you, JavaPresse generously gives you a grinder just for being a monthly subscriber.

Another perk besides the diverse blends and the amazing grinder is the resources you get. JavaPresse has online brew guides that can tremendously help those who need a little assistance with making coffee at home.

The last perk to mention is the weekly giveaways that you will be automatically entered into to win new coffee goodies! These giveaways are not only great because they’re weekly, or because the items you win are pretty awesome, but we won’t spoil any surprises.

The Blends: Quality, Selection, and Flavor

JavaPresse prides itself on great quality, and that translates to its coffee blends. The blends sent to your door are always newly roasted beans at their peak of freshness. This means you get the best flavors out of the beans you are sent. Another way JavaPresse ensures good quality is by having personal relationships with the small farms it gets its coffees from.

The selection of blends JavaPresse sends can get pretty unique. This is because the blends are from several small coffee farms around the world that JavaPresse supports due to their excellent ethical practices. This also means that the company can only send coffee blends that are in season where they are grown, and that there is only so much of each blend when it is harvested. Your favorite blend might only be in season for a few months, so you might not be able to receive your favorite coffees year-round. Not to worry, though, the diverse flavors you’ll get each month will keep you satisfied.

If you are curious about the flavors of the blends you get, you should be; they’re undeniably yummy! For example, March’s coffee is a medium blend called Magic Moments. It does create magic with its hints of lavender and lime, along with stronger notes of chocolate and berries. It’s very complex, yet extremely smooth and balanced. April’s coffee is a blend called Sweet Synergy, with an infusion of maple, chocolate and plum flavors. The fun names of the blends make it even more exciting to see what’s going to be on your doorstep. These are the types of interesting and diverse blends you can look forward to every month!

For the Customer: Resources, Ease of Use, and Price

JavaPresse goes beyond just delivering coffee to your door. It is known for fantastic customer service, and that also extends to the resources it provides to customers. Every member gets access to a 24/7 member concierge to take care of any concerns or questions. JavaPresse also has a thriving loyalty program that gives every customer the ability to use its many online resources. These resources include curated brewing and tasting guides, how-to videos, and informational resources. All of these are specifically crafted to help you transform your coffee ritual into an easy and fun daily experience.

JavaPresse’s website is set up to be efficient and easy for customers to read about the products, purchase them, or subscribe to the coffee club. There are a lot of interesting facts about the farms where JavaPresse gets its coffees, if you want to know exactly where your blends are coming from. JavaPresse also personalizes when you receive your coffee. Everyone has different coffee habits, and some of us drink more than others. Those of you that drink four cups or more a day can change the settings of how often you want your coffee sent to you. You can set deliveries to come once, twice, or even three or four times a month.

If you are looking for the lowest-priced coffee subscription, you won’t find it here. JavaPresse is all about high quality and freshness, as well as supporting smaller coffee farms. The combination of these things means you have to sacrifice a little bit in the price department. It is far from being too expensive, but it definitely isn’t the least expensive subscription out there. However, we can tell you from experience that it’s totally worth what you’re getting.


Q: What makes this coffee club different from others?

A: JavaPresse sources its micro-lot coffees from the most renowned family-owned farms and co-op coffee estates in the world. It appreciates and partners only with farmers who are sustainability-minded and use ethical business practices. Another thing that sets JavaPresse apart from others is that its coffee is roasted only two hours before being shipped to you. The last reason is because of their excellent customer service.

Q: Is it easy to change the status of my subscription?

A: Yes. Just have log in to your JavaPresse account on the website. Then you can make any changes you want, like pausing shipments, skipping shipments, or canceling your account altogether with no questions asked.

What Do Subscribers Say?

The reviews for the JavaPresse Coffee Club are hyper-positive. The current subscribers really feel that JavaPresse is a genuine company that cares a lot about its customers and wants to give them the best coffee experience possible.

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If you are looking for coffee to be delivered to your door every month, JavaPresse is a great option. It has so many benefits, from the excellent quality coffee to the resources to the free gifts and giveaways. While the only drawback is the price point, it is worth it for fresh unique coffee blends. If you’re curious to try it, just do it! You won’t be disappointed.