Larry’s Coffee Subscription Review: Pros & Cons

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Larry's coffee subscription

Editor Rating: 4.1/5

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Review Summary

Larry’s Coffee was created with the vision of starting a coffee subscription that offers fair trade organic coffee from facilities that use environmentally friendly methods. This is the main thing that sets this subscription apart from others.

The coffees are great quality due to the hard work that went into partnering with fair trade farms. The coffee is always fresh, because the company slow-roasts the beans itself before sending them to you. A perk of this subscription is that you can choose the coffees you want to try! We reviewed the strong and weak aspects of this coffee subscription to help you decide if it’s right for you.

Larry’s Coffee Subscription Quick Look:

  • High-quality coffee with complex flavors
  • Slow-roasted for freshness
  • Good variety
  • Organic and fair trade; low carbon footprint facilities
  • Flexible subscription options
  • Website has subpar info and design
  • Shipping charge
  • Packaging is inconvenient

Larry's Coffee Subscription carton

Coffee: Quality, Flavor, and Selection

The quality of Larry’s Coffee is comparable to other high-quality subscriptions. Larry worked hard to partner with specific farms that are ethical and have organic practices to give customers the best quality beans. This also means the company roasts the beans itself to deliver them at the peak of freshness. These are all factors that add to the great quality of Larry’s Coffee.

Larry’s Coffee wants to bring the best flavors to your door, with complex combinations to expand your coffee palate. The coffees focus on either highlighting the basic flavors or creating complex and unforgettable blends. Larry’s Coffee roasts the beans using a slow-roasting method. This ensures that the basic flavors are retained for the best taste and for you to learn regional coffee flavors. We were sent an Ethiopian light roast that had floral and fruity notes along with richness. We think you will be pleased with the flavors sent to you.

Both blends and single-origin coffees are sent to your door, so you get a good variety. Some of the coffee blends are unique and others are recognizable, but with a fresh and more high-quality taste. Overall, the selection of blends is decent for a monthly subscription.

Larry's Coffee Subscription sachet

For the Customers: Resources, Ease of Use, and Price

Resources for Larry’s Coffee are somewhat limited. When you receive your bag of coffee, you also get a note about the coffee. The bag itself has some information, like tasting notes, the roast level, and the occasional mention of where the coffee is grown. The note sent along with the bags includes more in-depth tasting notes and a little bit about where the coffee is from. The resources on the company’s website include some useful information about its farm partnerships and the facilities it uses, including photos. The story behind the subscription is interesting if you get a chance to read about it. However, it would be nice to have more information specifically about the coffees online, which the company doesn’t currently have.

The website has an okay design, but an updated design would be better, along with more information. Signing up for the subscription is fairly easy. The information provided about the subscription is slightly confusing, but there’s a clear place to enter your information. When signing up for your subscription, you can choose from four frequencies and pick the subscription length by selecting the number of deliveries you want all together. When choosing which coffees you want, you get to choose the grind, size of bag, and how many bags you want delivered. Ease of use for subscribers is somewhere in the middle and could use some improvement.

The price for this subscription is decent for gourmet organic coffee. It costs less than what you’d pay for most other subscriptions. The only problem is that you also have shipping charges, which drive the price even higher. You have to spend a little more every month if you want to enjoy Larry’s Coffee.


Q: What is fair trade coffee?

A: Fairtrade is an equally beneficial partnership between the consumers and the producers of a product that doesn’t exploit one party. These partnerships are usually long-term because they build a good rapport between both parties. Fairtrade principles include fair wages, taking measures for the environment, frequent communication, and cultural respect.

Q: Are there shipping charges?

A: Yes. Everything has a flat rate shipping cost of $5.95. Any order over $75 ships for free.

Q: Can you buy the coffee from the subscription separately from your monthly delivery?

A: Yes, you can purchase a few of the Larry’s Coffee blends at any time on its website or on Amazon.

What Other Subscribers Say

Positive Feedback:

Most customers like the quality and freshness of the coffee, along with some other aspects of this subscription. Read below to find out what customers say are the high points.

Customers highly appreciate the organic and fair trade aspects of this coffee. They like knowing their coffee isn’t treated with chemicals and that it comes from farmers who are treated fairly. The environmentally friendly approach is a great way to run a business and sets this subscription apart for a lot of customers who have this issue close to their hearts.

Another appealing part of the subscription is the flavors. Some customers like the complex blends. They haven’t tried anything similar, because these blends are only available from this subscription. Other flavors are dependable favorites, like the classic Frenchy French dark roast. Customers like having a little bit of both classic and adventurous flavors.

Negative Feedback:

There are a few flaws with this subscription, but nothing that takes away from the company’s great quality and sustainable practices. Read some of the issues customers had below.

One negative aspect of this subscription is the shipping charges. Some customers don’t like having a flat rate fee no matter how much coffee you buy. This fee made sense for people purchasing three or five packs of coffee. For the monthly subscription, it just made it a little too pricey. There’s a guarantee of free shipping on orders over $75. However, most subscribers aren’t spending that much on a regular basis.

The other negative comments about the subscription were about the packaging. Some customers were frustrated with the cheap biodegradable tape that was used, instead of a better seal to keep the coffee a little fresher. They mostly understood it was an environmental effort, but it was still inconvenient.

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You can trust and depend on Larry’s Coffee to give you great quality and freshness, no matter what type of coffee you get, complex or classic. The additional benefits of its fair trade ways and organic beans make it hard to say no to such a great business. If coffee and caring for the future of the environment are both close to your heart, this subscription will be great for you.