Match Made Coffee Subscription Review

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Match Made Coffee Subscription review

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Coffee tasting is always better with a baked treat that pairs nicely with your blend. That is exactly what the Match Made coffee subscription will give you. The company has an abundance of craft coffees and gourmet cookie pairings that will leave your coffee and sweets cravings satisfied. It has a good selection of coffees for you to try. We have tried and reviewed this coffee and cookie pairing subscription, so you can decide if it’s the right one for you.

Match Made Coffee Subscription Quick Look:

  • Coffee is high-quality and flavorful
  • Comes with yummy pairings and pairing guide
  • Gourmet cookies have unique or classic flavors
  • Signing up for the subscription is easy
  • Size for the price
  • No guide for brewing in delivery
  • No online resources

Match Made coffee and cookie

Blends: Selection, Flavor, and Quality

The roasts taste like good quality coffee. Match Made mentions that it partners with many roasters around the globe, but doesn’t have much more information on where the farms or roasters are or their operations. It also doesn’t have any information online regarding the flavor profiles of the coffee roasts. The only information you can find about the coffee is on the bag it is sent in. This is fine for some, but those who are more interested in where their coffees come from might be disappointed.

The coffees are mostly single origin, making them a little less complex than if you were sent coffee blends. However, you can also get a better feel for the regions the coffee beans are from, and you can clearly associate flavors with a coffee-growing region. We were lucky enough to try two of these single-origin blends. They were both very smooth and had different flavor notes, making the coffee tastings interesting.

The selection of coffees is diverse for anyone used to grocery store blends or most coffee shop blends. For those a little more experienced with coffee tasting, these will be high-quality coffees with good flavor profiles, but might not be so different from ones you have already tried. Most of the coffee sent by Match Made will be single-origin coffees, which are hard to find in grocery stores. Some coffee shops sell them, but the best way to try them is to get them delivered to your door by Match Made with some delicious cookies on the side.

The Pairings Perk

The pairings with the coffee are the biggest perk, and the main reason to subscribe to Match Made. These gourmet cookies will definitely not disappoint; they are always fresh and soft. You can expect both normal and unique flavors for the paired baked goods. The website boasts interesting flavors like lemon tart, red velvet white chocolate chip, pancake and bacon, and almond joy. There’s also a wide variety of classic flavors like sugar and chocolate chip.

We were lucky enough to try two of these pairings. The first was the Brazil Cerrado medium roast, which smelled fruity and nutty. The taste can be described as juicy, complex, and smooth. The cookie pairing was a classic chocolate chip cookie, which brought out the sweet and nutty flavors in the coffee. Our second blend was Kenya Boma AA dark roast. This roast had a very earthy aroma. The taste was also earthy and herbal along with being smooth, bold, and balanced. The pairing for this roast was a cookie with rosemary and balsamic added. It really brought out the herbal quality of the blend.

For the Customers: Resources, Ease of Use, and Price

The main resource you get is the pairing guide that comes with your delivery. The website doesn’t include much information beyond starting or changing your subscription. There also aren’t a lot of resources for you to learn about where the coffee is farmed or roasted. However, the company is very open about talking to customers, so if you really have a pressing question, it urges you to make contact. It’s good to know that Match Made wants to help customers.

The Match Made Coffee website is easy to navigate. It’s really easy to get started with the subscription online. If you want to make changes to your subscription, it’s also easy to do that. Just log in to change your subscription status, like skipping, canceling, or even creating another subscription as a gift.

The price point is a little steep for what you receive. This is another weak spot of this subscription. You receive two packets of coffee that make about one pot or two large cups each, along with only one cookie to enjoy with each roast. The company could improve this in many ways. It could send three pairings with a cookie each, or a larger package of coffee and two cookies instead of one each. It could also lower the price by a few dollars a month. In the end, the price is not the selling point for this coffee subscription; the flavorful pairings and single origin coffees are.


Q: How much coffee do you get each month and how is it shipped?

A: You receive two packets of coffee with about two ounces each. It comes as ground coffee in a resealable bag.

Q: Do you get to pick which cookies you receive?

A: Match Made decides which coffees go with which coffee flavors. It makes the pairings for you, so all you have to worry about is enjoying its hard work.

What Other Subscribers Say

Positive: Most subscribers are happy with their Match Made coffee subscription, and we’ll tell you why.

The coffee flavors don’t disappoint. The blends come from many parts of the world and will help expand your coffee tasting palate. They seem to be diverse each month, with interesting flavor combinations and origins.

Subscribers have stated that the coffee and cookie pairings are spot on. The cookies complement the paired roasts very well, bringing out more notes in the coffee that were otherwise hidden, and the cookies are always soft and fresh.

Customers said that they enjoyed their interactions with Match Made. There are several reports of great communication between customer and company, along with fantastic customer service treatment when any issues arose. The employees caring about customer happiness is always a good sign when you’re looking to subscribe.

Negative: Some subscribers have a few ways they think Match Made could improve its coffee pairing subscription but are still fans overall of the quality and flavors.

The amount received for the price paid was underwhelming for some customers. There are a few customer reviews that state they wish there was more coffee, and two of each cookie instead of one. This is an issue with the balance of product amount and price. Some customers say that more coffee or cookies would make more sense. Other customers think the samples are perfect but would prefer a lower price for what they are receiving now.

A few customers felt there should be a brew guide on the coffee pack. This would make it easy to brew using the correct water and coffee proportions, but that wasn’t included on the coffee bag.

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Match Made Coffee will deliver flavorful coffee roasts with a unique cookie pairing to give you a delicious coffee experience. Despite the lack of resources and the less-than-ideal price, this subscription still has many high points. The coffee pairings are the biggest perk of this subscription, but the single-origin coffees won’t disappoint either. They have interesting flavors and will help you learn more about which coffee flavors come from which regions. How could you say no to quality coffee and cookies showing up on your doorstep every month?