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Review of Ninja Coffee Bar

Editor Rating: 4.7/5

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If you are looking to buy a coffee bar system, the Ninja Coffee Bar has everything you need. There is a lot to love from its user-friendly simplicity, its innovative features, the wide variety of options to delight coffee enthusiasts, to the easy cleaning process. This model is good for busy people, someone who wants a variety of drinks from a single machine, or someone who wishes to create drinks with frothed milk because it has a milk frother! Before purchasing a new drip coffee maker, check out why we recommend a Ninja Coffee Bar system.

Ninja brand is a leading company in the housewares industry known for creating great quality kitchen appliances, including this coffee bar, that is perfect for busy people and has high functionality. Although it isn’t the cheapest coffee bar on the market, they provide innovative products at a reasonable price for the quality you’re getting. The Ninja Coffee Bar system lives up to the brand name and delivers all that it advertises. On occasion, this coffee bar machine can develop flaws after a year or so of operation, like issues with the amount of coffee brewed or having the clean light get stuck. Take a look below at the pros and cons of the Ninja Coffee Bar to see the specific features and aspects that make this product so great, and what might give you trouble.

Ninja Coffee Bar – A Quick Look

  • Simple to use
  • Drip-stop feature
  • Has milk frother that makes great foam
  • Brews coffee quickly
  • Brews hot and cold brew
  • Many brew amount options
  • Can adjust strength of brew
  • Brew Delay Timer lets you choose when to brew
  • Slide-out filter basket
  • Clean light alerts you when it needs to be cleaned
  • Easy to clean
  • Milk frother doesn’t heat milk
  • After a year of use the clean light can act up
  • After a year the brew cycle can become short


Brand: Ninja

Product Type: Drip coffee bar system

Settings: Hot and cold brew settings, classic and rich brew settings

Serving size options: Cup, XL cup, travel mug, XL multi-serve, half carafe, full carafe

Color: Black/stainless steel

Product dimensions: 11.9 in L x 9.2 in W x 15 in H

Product weight: 9.81 lbs

Cord length: 2.5 ft

Dishwasher-safe parts: Yes

Ninja Coffee Bar with mug

Comes with a Great Milk Frother

The milk frother on the Ninja Coffee Bar works brilliantly. It quickly creates thick foam and is easy for the user. It also seems to last a long time without sacrificing the quality of foam it produces. Even though this frother is fantastic at making foam, it doesn’t create any heat. Your milk needs to be heated before using the frother.

Tip: When using the frother on this machine, make sure you hold the frother straight up and down in the cup. This allows the cyclone action to occur which makes better foam.

The Drip-Stop Feature

This feature is so convenient! This is an example of an innovative feature that lets the machine work for you and gives you a more efficient coffee brewing experience. Instead of waiting for the coffee to stop dripping, you can just switch the drip-stop over and block the coffee from coming out. It will automatically let you stop the brewing process and take your carafe or mug out from under the drip spout whenever you’re ready. It’s such a simple feature, but it can cut downtime that you would normally spend letting your coffee get its last drips out before you can take a sip, or hit the road so you won’t be late for your busy day.

Ninja Coffee Bar refiling coffee

Supports Hot and Iced Brew

If you like both hot and cold coffee, this machine can give you both! There are separate settings for hot and iced coffee brewing. Using the iced coffee brew setting lets you brew at a colder temperature over ice and gives the smooth taste you expect from iced coffee.

Adjustment of brew strength

The Ninja Coffee Bar has a few brew strength options, so if you like your coffee a little stronger you can have a more concentrated cup. If this is the case, select “rich” instead of “classic”.

Brew Delay Timer

The brew delay timer lets you set the brew cycle to start any time you want your coffee to start brewing. This way you can focus on drinking it first thing in the morning, instead of making it.

There are several other features that improve the overall experience of using the Ninja Coffee Bar. The pull out filter basket makes it easier to load grounds into and clean. There are a variety of brew amount options would make any coffee lover happy. It has a flip-down mug holder that allows you to brew straight into your cup instead of the carafe. The clean light that alerts you when it needs a cleaning cycle is useful for normal upkeep on your machine. A lot of features to love on this Ninja Coffee Bar!

Ninja Coffee Bar switches


Q: What accessories are included in the box?

A: 1 50 oz. glass carafe, 1 Ninja smart coffee scoop, 1 reusable permanent filter, 1 20-recipe book, and the owner’s manual.

Q: Can this coffee bar make espresso?

A: No it doesn’t make true espresso. The closest you can get with this coffee bar is the 4 oz concentrated brew option. You can always use that setting to make your favorite espresso drinks if you don’t have an at-home brewing method.

Q: Does it have an automatic shut off?

A: 2 hours after you brew the warming plate will automatically shut off. You can also turn off the warming plate manually on the machine by pressing the “Stay Warm” button, which will de-illuminate and that turns off the warmer.

Ninja Coffee Bar container

What the Users Say

Positive Feedback: Happy customers say they love all the features of the Ninja Coffee Bar and beyond.

  1. Many customers enjoy the different setting options on the Ninja coffee bar. It’s great because you get options to brew for just yourself, two people, or for a whole group of people.
  2. It lets you choose between hot and cold coffee to meet everyone’s coffee desires. The iced coffee doesn’t disappoint iced coffee lovers either.
  3. The ability to adjust the strength of brew was also a highlight for happy customers.
  4. For a coffee bar, this model has a small size that makes it easy to store or have on your kitchen counter and not get in the way of daily tasks.
  5. Many customers enjoy the recipe book that came with their Ninja Coffee Bar in order to take full advantage of the variety the machine offers its user.

Negative Feedback: There are two main complaints about this product that can occur after owning the machine for about a year.

  1. The cleaning system has a possibility of becoming dysfunctional. Some customers have found that the clean light will illuminate only days after being cleaned and the light will stay illuminated. Another issue that can arise with the clean light is that sometimes it will not complete the cleaning cycle once it has started and also continues to stay illuminated.
  2. The coffee maker needs to be restarted or the buttons need to be pushed several times on occasion before the brew settings work to brew a full cup of coffee.

Something to consider before purchasing is that the Ninja Coffee Bar System has a one year warranty. During the warranty, Ninja will replace any parts or even the machine. Unfortunately, they do leave the customer responsible for the shipping charges. After the warranty expires any faulty parts can still be replaced, but for a price PLUS the shipping charges.


The Ninja Coffee Bar system is perfect for those wanting a variety of settings to use and innovative features that make drip coffee brewing easier than you ever thought it could be. Even though some customers experience difficulty with their machines, this coffee bar is still a great product that can meet a wide range of coffee needs and to give you features like the drip-stop that will be a game-changer in your coffee brewing routine. When you’re preparing to buy a new coffee bar, Ninja Coffee Bar is worth considering.