Ovalware RJ3 Cold Brew Coffee Maker Review

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Review of Ovalware RJ3

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Being a fan of cold brew pays off for at-home brewers. There are many ways to make cold brew at home that are inexpensive and easy. The Ovalware RJ3 cold brew maker is a perfect example of this. It has a design that allows your cold brew to be made and stored in the same place while keeping it fresh. It also has an impressive filter to keep out the coarse grounds. If you are wanting to start making cold brew at home, the Ovalware RJ3 is a good place to start. Let us tell you why.

Ovalware is dedicated to coffee products alone. The “oval” in their name is there to represent the coffee bean. They take pride in the manual ways to make coffee, so they only sell equipment that makes good quality coffee without the cords or batteries. Ovalware advertises that they allow people to make coffee at home with speed and precision while learning new skills. The RJ3 cold brew maker is one of these products that you can easily make coffee manually from, while still having some modern features to give you the best product. It’s so easy there are only two steps to using this product. To outline the good and bad about this cold brew maker we have a pros/cons list for you below.

Ovalware RJ3 – A Quick Look

  • Easy 2-step brewing process
  • Makes and stores your cold brew
  • Keeps cold brew fresh for 2 weeks
  • Has a precision filter to keep grounds out
  • Durable materials make it long-lasting
  • Easy to clean
  • Inexpensive
  • Hot and cold beverages, coffee and tea
  • Occasionally grounds get through the filter
  • You can use coarse or medium grind, not fine
  • Breaks easily when dropped


Brand: Ovalware

Product Type: Cold brew

Serving size options: 1 liter, 1.5 liter

Material: Borosilicate glass, silicone, and stainless steel

Product weight: 1.45 lbs

Dishwasher-safe: Yes

Product Dimensions: 7.9″ x 4.6″ (1.0L) / 9.6″ x 5.5″ (1.5L)

Ovalware RJ3 with coffee

Important Feature 1: Durable Glass

This cold brew maker is made with borosilicate glass which has great insulation. It will keep your coffee cold, or hot, for longer than the average cold brew maker. The glass is durable and will last for a long time, making this inexpensive product worth the money.

Important Feature 2: Precision Filter

Having a filter to keep grounds out is a great feature. Cold-brew uses a coarse grind, so when brewing at home you can’t always ensure the best flavor without also having grounds in your glass. The filter that comes inside the Ovalware RJ3 is considered a precision filter. It not only keeps those grounds out, but it enhances brewing for a bold, smooth flavor.

Ovalware RJ3

Important Feature 3: Airtight Seal

The seal on the Ovalware Cold Brew Maker keeps your cold brew fresh for at least 2 weeks after you make it. The cold brew pitcher seal works whether the filter is in or out of the cold brew pitcher. This allows the seal to work just as well whether you are making or storing your cold brew.


Q: How many cups do the two different sizes make?

A: The 1 L makes about 4 cups, while the 1.5 L makes about 6. The measurements printed on the side should make measuring easy for you.

Q: Does this cold brew maker work for a fine grind?

A: Coarse or medium grind is best to use for this product. The precision filter can get clogged up with grinds that are too fine.

Q: What does it come with?

A: The cold brew pitcher and lid, the precision filter, one seal for the top of the filter, brief user manual

What the Users Say

Positive Feedback: Most of the reviews for this product are indeed positive reviews. The most common qualities people loved are mentioned below.

  1. A lot of customers like the simplicity in the brewing process. The two steps are easy to understand and they say it’s easy to clean also.
  2. The cold brew this makes is always smooth and has a great flavor. Some customers have mentioned that it makes not only smooth, rich cold brew, but also fantastic iced tea. Therefore, there is some versatility to its uses.
  3. To expand on its versatility, this cold brew maker isn’t just for cold coffee and tea beverages, hot coffee, and hot tea can also be made in it. Customers appreciate that the borosilicate glass lets your cold or hot beverage stay that temperature for a long period.
  4. The size and design of this cold brew maker have won the hearts of a lot of happy at-home cold brewers. They say it looks nice enough to leave out on the counter, but also is small enough to fit in many places inside their refrigerators.

Negative Feedback:

  1. Some customers have said the filter still allows some grounds to get into their coffee, however, it normally isn’t near enough to ruin the coffee. If grounds do appear, they are easily avoidable because they stay at the bottom.
  2. Another complaint from a few customers is that the cold brew pitcher itself is prone to breaking when dropped. They dropped it once, and it either shattered or there is a large hole in the pitcher now. Be careful with your pitchers!


The Ovalware Cold Brew Maker will give you a delicious cold brew in a few easy steps. It also stores your cold brew to keep it fresh for up to 2 weeks. The easy cleanup, the sleek design and size, the amazing filter, and the versatility to make hot or cold coffee and tea are all reasons this product is worth investing in. It will stay durable, as long as it isn’t dropped, and can keep providing you cold brew for years and years to come. Happy cold brewing!

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